Yoga Burn Reviews: Does Zoe Bray Cotton’s Program Work?

yoga burn review

Getting into shape for the average woman can sometimes, or most of the time feel like a difficult task. With the general notion that losing weight involves adhering to some unrealistic and intense exercises, people are often discouraged to take them on. For some other people, what discourages them is the mindset that it requires a great deal of commitment in terms of time.

If we can be honest, we all will admit to the fact that it feels like torture to work out at the gym. Imagine a workout regimen that involves hours on the elliptical or treadmill; it's no surprise why you end up getting burned and at the end of the day quit.

The truth remains that we are human beings and not hamsters. We are not designed to run endlessly on a wheel. There's always a tendency to be fed up along the line. However, it is very possible to still get effective results with less demanding workout regimens. With the numerous fitness program emerging, one that stands out is Yoga Burn program.


What is the Yoga Burn Program

The Yoga Burn Fitness Program created by Zoe Bray Cotton is a 12 week fitness protocol designed especially for women to help them get rid of excess fat and give them the kind of body they see on most celebrities and models. This program consists of various yoga moves contained in a video series; and with the primary objective of targeting stubborn fat and slimming down every excess bulges on your body. With a program such as this, you don’t have to go a class or gym again. You can have your yoga right in the comfort of your home; and invite friends and family if you so wish.

While this program is phenomenal for those desiring to shed pounds, it however doesn’t mean that there are no other benefits to the program. Even though you have an ideal weight, there are other benefits you can derive from the moves. Other benefits include having a more efficient metabolism, improved energy and general well being of the body. With this program, you will discover that yoga not only improve your appearance on the outward, but also your inner self and your mind.

While there are other yoga programs out there in the market, the yoga burn is set apart from the rest because they are tailored to achieve results despite your expertise in the exercise. As long you put in the required commitment, you're guaranteed to see your expected transformation given time.


Likely Pros of The Yoga Burn

Suitable For All Women and Their Different Fitness Level

The poses contained in this program are arranged in way that suits you, no matter your fitness level. This way, you can avoid getting injured or any other form of discomfort. Even when a pose looks quite difficult, there are suggestions on how to make them easier. In the other hand, they can be made difficult if they appear too easy.

Easy to Follow

The instructions contained in this program are so clear that it is almost impossible to get them wrong. Just looking at the screen once, you’re able to capture everything there is to the poses or moves given by Zoe Bray. Even if you have never been to any yoga class, you don’t have to worry about being able to go through this program.

Focuses on Results

The yoga burn program was designed for the purpose of achieving results. The poses give room for progress with sequences changing as you continue in the program. As you keep up with the workouts, gradually you will see the changes in your body and well being.


Gone are the days that for you to take part in yoga workouts, you have find your way to a class or a gym. Now, you can in the comfort of your home perform same poses and get same results. Also, you get to avoid paying fees and costs as a result of transportation. The only fee here is the one-time cost of getting the perks associated with program.

Comes with Bonuses/Discount

This is one of the few programs that come with bonuses that are completely free. The bonuses are as well useful as the main program itself. Also, Zoe offers discount for bulk purchases. When you buy two DVDs, the price will be less than when buying one copy.

Full Money Back Guarantee

The author is not afraid to allow a refund policy because there is an assurance that the program will work. However, if for any reason you do not like the program, you are allowed to request for a refund of your money. As long it is done within the first two months. So you can see: it's completely risk-free.

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Probable Cons of The Yoga Burn

Varied Results

Like it is with any form of exercise, achieving results with the Yoga burn program will vary from person to person. There are some that will get more results compared to others. Also, some people will get results instantly while for others will take quite a long time. This is sometimes a factor that discourages some people from keeping up with the program to the end.

Considered Too Easy by Some

There are some people that are of the opinion that the moves and poses contained in the Yoga Burn program are too easy to achieve the results it claims. Well, this is usually those already used to advanced yoga and high-intensity exercises. To this category of people the Yoga Burn videos may be unchallenging.

Digitally Formatted Only

It has already been made clear that this program does not in any way involve having classes. Instead it is offered through video sequences where the author goes through various poses and moves and you follow. This can be a downside for people who are only motivated when they are in live classes.


Key Features of the Yoga Burn Program

The program works through 3 unique phases; with each phase lasting for about 4 weeks. Together, they make all 12 weeks. Let's briefly take a look at the 3 phases.

Phase 1: Foundation – This involves building a foundation of flexibility and strength. This phase consists of unique poses designed to cause a boost in your metabolism and tighten your problem areas. All of this prepares your body for the next phase.

Phase 2: Transitional Flow – This phase is designed to build upon your foundation, and as such comes with poses that will reshape your body. This is one phase that introduces you to yoga poses that you probably won’t find anywhere else. With this base also comes specific sequences aimed at boosting your mood.

Phase 3: Mastery Flow – This is the final stage; and is more like a transformation stage. This is where you put to practice all you've learned in phase 1 and 2, plus the few new ones in this phase. At this stage, you are bound to see some amazing results, leaving you feeling and looking good with your abilities at yoga.

Also featured in this base program is the following two bonuses.

  1. This bonus allows you to listen to what is happening in a remote location or on the beach without need for a clunky tablet. It's also available in an audio version where it allows you to download the MP3 unto your listening device.

  1. This consists of sequences of tranquility flow videos to get you in de-stress or tranquil state. This comes in handy for those who experience stress at work or in their relationship, as it gets them out quickly.


Alternative to Yoga Burn – 3 Week Diet

Regardless of the downsides of the Yoga Burn program (as is common with every program), it still remains of the best program when it comes to weight loss. However, another product that can be considered in the same class with Yoga Burn is the 3 Week Diet. This is another system that offers a lot of benefits to the body, together with helping you achieve a slim figure.

The 3 weeks diet is a program that promises to provide a quick solution to weight loss problems. It features activities and nutrition that the author claims are effective for burning fat and building muscles. One of the advantages of the program is that it is not restricted to age. The young and elderly alike can take this program and be rest assured of registering results.


Final Words

I believe by now it has already become clear from the various Yoga Burn reviews that Yoga Burn program is an ideal program for women looking to get in shape. Unlike other forms of workouts and cardio that puts on the body a ton of stress and yet producing less than the results expected compared to the stressed caused, Yoga goes gently on the body and gradually upscale.

This way losing weight is made easy, peaceful and fun. So if you've been involved in the intense workouts and restricted diets and yet no results, it's probably time to embrace this unique system. However, if you are one of those looking for a quick fix for your excess fat problems, this program is not for you.

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