How to Tone Your Body – 5 Toning Workouts for Women

how to tone your body

Obviously, the subject of how to tone up your body is a very common one – whether for men or women (for the sake of this article our concentration will be on women), and you've heard it countless number of time and probably used it yourself at some point – such as when an important or social event like a beach season being around the corner. Everybody says they want to get toned but when asked what they mean by such statement, the answers have always been amazing. By amazing I mean wrong and misunderstood.

So what really does it mean to tone your body? Well, muscle toning, which is the process itself, is the act of forcing the muscle to traveling its full range of motion even under resistance. This implies that any type of movement forcing the muscle to contract in the midst of resistance is a form of toning or better still muscle toning. These 5 type of toning workouts for women will improve your muscular strength, endurance and increase your lean muscle density and mass.

Toning simply refers to your muscle condition. It is not just about having a well defined and lean body. While that can be achieved in the process of toning, that does not in any way equal to a well toned body. The act of toning requires two fundamental steps, which are developing and strengthening your muscles, and getting rid of the fat overtops to make them more defined and visible. So it is not about reducing your level of body fat, but building up your muscle to become firm and tight.


Components of Toning Up Your Body

The first component is obviously resistance training. When resistance is applied to the muscles, they respond by employing fibers to take care the amount of forces directed at them. This implies that when you are frequently active, it will help with toning and burning off excess body fat too (obviously it does this by increasing your metabolism). There are a couple of ways resistance can be applied to our muscle; however, the best way is lifting weights. A weight training program allows you to continuously make adjustments to the amount of applied resistance by either increasing the number of reps or tweaking the amount of weight.

The second component of getting a toned body is cardio. Off course you know what cardio and its benefits to your body. However, the most effective form of cardio to undertake is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). With a High intensity Interval Training, your body not only uses stored carbohydrates as its primary but stays 48 hours elevated in terms of its metabolism. This all happens after the cardio exercise. So literally, your body becomes a fat burning machine.

The third component is a proper nutrition and diet. This means that you will require the right sources of calories to fuel your workouts and also to initiate recovery after a productive workout session. Your diet has to be well planned out and include nutritious and healthy meals, to help in the unveiling of your toned physique!


Benefits of a Toned Up Body

 The benefits of muscle toning are countless. Your performance on your daily activities will in improve and your predisposition to certain diseases and illness will be reduced. Other than an attractive and solid physique, and weight loss benefits of muscle toning, others include:

  • Reduction in your heart rate during rest
  • A reduction in your probability of being affected by Type 2 diabetes
  • A reduction in the probability of contracting cancer of several forms
  • An improvement in the good cholesterol (HDL) levels in the blood
  • A boost in your immune system strength
  • An improvement in your mental stability and mood
  • An improved posture, coordination and balance


Workouts for Toning Up your Body

We have already stated that a toned body revolves around the right exercises. As often as possible, these workouts should be attempted if you want to see rapid results-say about 3 to 5 times a week. It should not take you so long to perfect these exercises, just about 10-15 minutes regularly and you will sure soon see the difference soon before you know it. As much as possible, your muscle toning routine should include toning workouts for women that give attention  to all muscle groups – whether major or minor.

For example, you may prefer using a routine to exercise all your body or a couple of them for each group of muscle; on the other hand, you may want to spread up the attention on particular muscle for different sessions. Which ever works best for you is okay, as long as it produces the desired and possible under the directives of a fitness expert. So let's get into the various workouts you can do.



Experts have told us that these are one of the most effective toning workouts for women when it comes to toning your muscles even to your legs. To begin with, your feet should be positioned a little separate from one another. Next is extending your arms forward and bending your knees.

Afterwards, get your backside out to a position that looks like you are about to sit down; consequently, your muscles should be in a parallel line to the floor, and your arms extended forward always. Hold on to that position for a while and stand back up afterwards. Do this repeatedly for few minutes – say about ten times.



This is yet another exercise on how to tone up your body effectively. They go a long way to help firm your gluteal. It does require some great deal of effort, but in the end it is going to be worth it because the results are amazing. You can start with the basic lunge which is simply standing up with your chest pushed outwards, your back straight, your shoulders properly aligned and looking forward. With your arms put to rest at your sides, take a forward step with the fist of your right leg and then bend your knees in an attempt to make your left to touch the ground or get close as much as possible. Hold in that position for a few seconds and return to the initial position slowly.

Repeat this again, but this around with your left leg stepped forward and your right attempting to touch the ground.  Alternate between this two for about ten times each. Take a little rest and then do some more. Other variations of this exercise is holding a weight in your both hands or having a bar between or better still walking while you're doing the exercise, instead of staying in one place. Bare in mind that these variations are going to require more effort than the first and the therefore try it only when you have gotten accustomed to the basic lunge. Basically, you start the way you did with the basic lunges.


Leg Lifts

Like the name of the exercise goes, it involves lifting your legs. To begin the exercise, get the floor in a proper condition (using a mat, rug or blanket) and lay on your right side, and using your right elbow to provide support on the ground and then your hand firmly holding your head around your ear region. At this point, raise your left leg to the highest that you can towards the ceiling.

Afterwards, slowly bring them to their initial position without any contact with your knees. Do this repeatedly for as much as ten times in a row and then switch over to the left side and do the same as you did on your right. There are also a couple of variations you can do, like going up and down in stairs, or placing weights on your ankles.


Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is one workout routine that focuses on strengthening the lower body, as well as the upper body. While the, journey may have began with the legs, it thereafter engages the back and back muscles and so on. This machine has over the years become popular for abs workouts. Personally, I think the rowing machine can be listed as one of the best workout for how to tone your body. You just can never get it wrong with this machine. To get started with workout, you will be required to set up. Setting up here refers to the adjusting of the foot strap.

The strap is ideally is supposed to go across the ball of your foot – make sure of that. Now you will be required to take full strokes, but in order for that to be possible, you must not place your feet too high. Make sure you pay attention to the position of your legs as they are very important for you to achieve efficient and proper strokes. Ensure that all the settings have been in place and then afterwards you can begin your rowing.



Here comes another exercise that you’re probably not aware of; it is called extensions. For this exercise, get your face laud face down on a blanket, rug or mat, rug, and extend your legs extended. You can also extend your arms forward or alternatively rest them on the sides of your body.

Now, using your gluteal muscles, raise and extend your legs towards to ceiling and keep them so for a couple of seconds and then slowly back to their initial position. Doing two sets of about ten repetitions will be ideal for each one.



Like we emphasize during the start of this article, you may exercise all you can but without the correct diet, the results may not be surface; that is making visible your muscle tone to the world. Every muscle requires the support of a proper diet when trying to tone. Every weight loss by involving the muscles that is not supported with proper nutrition is likely to cause the body to become “skinny fat”. This is when you possess a healthy body weight, but excess body fat. It is important that you give attention to your diet and plan them around sources of lean proteins, unsaturated fats, and healthy complex carbohydrates.

Give the most attention to lean protein, as they a rich source of amino acids, which needs to be present in the body for it to build muscle tissue. You are going to need lots of it so take note. As a rule of thumb, instead of refined grains, opt for whole grains. This includes veggies and fruits at your meals; going for chicken breasts or skinless turkey, nuts, beans, eggs, over red meat. Also, you can get healthy fats from fish, olive oil and avocados, instead of the popular fried foods.



No doubt a lot of people are going to have their different definition of a toned body, however one thing stands – achieving any body toning goal will require a great deal of effort and diligence. Whether it is achieving a moderate definition for your muscle or getting visible and attractive abs.

In fact, the more lean and toned up you want to achieve, the more investment you will be required to make. Sometimes, the requirements that come with how to tone up your body might inconveniencing, like forgoing a couple of social time and other important times, but the rewards are very well worth it.

Take note also that this will not be achieved overnight; time and good time will be required. It is very important to ensure the above listed toning workout for women performing the right way and with the proper technique and form. The consequence of not performing them right way may lead to undesirable conditions. Experts usually recommend that they should be performed slowly for the sake of maximizing muscle usage.