The 3 Week Diet Reviews: Will Briat Flatt’s Program Work?

the 3 week diet reviews

Are you tired of looking ‘fatty’ rather than ‘phat-y’ every time you look in the mirror? Have you been trying everything while all you get in return is less, worst case: NO, results? This is the case with countless number of people that I have come in contact with, and am convinced there's more to that number all around the world. However, if you have been there before, you will agree with me that losing weight and achieving your desired shape and figure is not as easy as it sounds.

All over the world people are falling prey to the numerous products and programs in the market that promise solution to their weight gain problem. At the end of the day, the products and programs were not able to meet up with their claims. Well, if you are one of those unfortunate people, stress no more for there’s a quick fix that will surely enable you to lose fat and build muscle in no time. I am talking about no other program but the 3 week diet plan.


What is the 3 Week Diet Program

Here is introducing a program that claims that in three weeks, you can totally lose fat and build muscles – the 3 Weeks Diet. This three weeks diet plan is the solution for your quick weight loss. It is a complete full-proof and fact-based plan that guarantees fast and total burning of body fat if adhered to. It features a structured design consisting of activities and nutrition specifications that will get you burning up body fat without much panting, or even starvation. It is a product developed by Brian Flatt, who is a sports nutritionist, health coach, and also a personal trainer. I believe the three week plan would enable you to interact with a combined work of such three professionals with one perspective: simple ways to quickly burn calories with certain results in the end.


Pros and Cons of the 3 Week Diet

This review would lose its meaning if this section is not included. Thus, the advantages and disadvantages of the 3 Week diet are as follows:

three week diet

Likely Pros of the 3 Week Diet

Offers Quick Results

Different from all the other programs you got tired of, the 3 Week diet plan provides fast results through simple tasks organized into manuals. Despite that it is believed that slow weight loss is good for your body, this approach kills motivation of reaching for the results you want.

Suits Busy People and not Age Restricted

The plan is scheduled to only use up to 30 minutes of your time. This comes out handy even for the most active people who have no time for extended weight loss program sessions. Also, the plan does not restrict age since the program is categorized into manuals with different approaches, whereby some require as much effort as just avoiding or going for particular types of foods.  

Based on Scientific Research Findings

This is the attribute that makes the 3 Week Diet plan a complete success with results turning out fast. Flatt documents the products with techniques are scientifically proven.  


Probable Cons of The 3 Week Diet

It a Digital Content

The product was developed in Portable document format (PDF) only, whereby you can get its access after buying it. Even though you can access it from anywhere and at anytime, it presentation does not serve some people.     

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Features of the 3-Week Diet

The program consists of four fundamental manuals whereby each covers particular aspects. They are elaborate and detailed to give you an ideal perspective on how to approach each activity.

The Introduction Manual

The product starts with the introduction, which describes the body mechanisms of storing and burning fat as well as how you will achieve melting stored body fat. It also suggests the required supplement to be used with the plan.

Basically, this section allows user to discover the science behind losing weight and how the body initiates the burning of the excess stored fat. Further more, users will get to also know why the program emphasizes on using three weeks to start burning fat. Also contained in the introduction manual are list of supplements that are effective for activating the body's metabolism and the science behind their function.

So simply put, this section of the manual tells us why we get fat and how we can, with the help of certain diets reverse such effect. At the end of the introduction, it is expected that you are acquainted with the basic guideline on what to do and not to do for the best results in weight loss within 3 weeks.

The Diet Manual

The second manual is the diet manual which discusses how you can develop with an effective diet plan. This guide also presents the preferred foods, as well as those to avoid during the program. In this diet manual section, users get to learn how lean body mass and fat percentage can be calculated. This calculation is to provide information that correspond to the guidelines cut out for your body type.

This guideline will reveal to you the foods your body requires (based on the aforementioned specific information) in order to maximize its fat burning potential, and those that discourage the process. The guide includes what to eat daily, what amount you ought to eat and the time to eat them.

At the end of this diet manual section, your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) will be figured out and the amount of calories needed by your body for daily fat burn will be determined. According to the author, Brian, it is very important that our meals are timed effectively for a systematic fat burning condition throughout the day and also to stabilize the hormones responsible for storing the fat in the body.

The Workout Manual

It has already been widely established that the benefits of exercise cannot be overemphasized. Exercise helps in burning calories, and so it's no surprise that this program should also have a manual dedicated to exercises. However, this does not mean that you won’t still be able to lose weight if you decide to skip this section. But I don’t need to tell you that incorporating this section will help double the rate of your weight loss success.

The workout manual covers the work outs that can be done with the plan. Like I said earlier, they are optional during the program. The workouts consist of gym work outs as well as home-based exercises to be undertaken depending on where you want to do them. You can be sure that these exercises are not as crazy and intense are the ones you have been used to. The are short, simple, regular and yet very effective.

The Mindset and Motivation Manual

Mindset and Motivation are abstract yet fundamental requirements for the plan to work. In the 3 Week Diet plan, the manual explains that this is where the process starts. It guides on how to transform our feelings to thoughts, and our thoughts to habits which eventually result in routine activities. Through adherence and adoption of the plan’s guidelines, you are guaranteed to have the results you want in less than three weeks.

The 3 Week Diet and Busy Mom with Kids

Many busy moms put on much weight immediately after pregnancy. This becomes a major issue that could affect the overall health and wellbeing if not checked early in advance. In this regard, a simple approach to weight loss is fundamental in getting things done quickly and effectively. The 3 week diet is tailored for busy moms with kids, and only requires 21 days to get your sexy body back.

3 week diet reviews


Alternative to the 3 Week Diet Program – Lean Belly Breakthrough

I don’t need to tell you that there are a lot of products and programs claiming to provide a solution to weight gain problems. However, just because a product finds its way to the market does not mean that they are effective and will do what they promise. More so, just like the 3 Week Diet, another program that has over the years proven safe and effective for getting rid of excess fat is the Lean Belly Breakthrough.

This program is really a breakthrough in this industry. This program consists of techniques and tools that guarantees success in any weight loss endeavour. So if for any reason you're looking for a perfect alternative to the 3 Week Diet Program, this is just what you need.


Final Words

It is no fun at all to be overweight. This is one condition that makes you unhappy because of your looks; you no longer enjoy shopping and other life’s activities. Hence the need for the 3 Week Diet program. Utilizing a comprehensive technique and meal plans, the 3-week diet program is guaranteed to bring results that will make you feel good about yourself. The diet system promises that you will lose 12-23 pounds in just 21 days. This incredible feat is made possible by Brian Flatt who is the creator of the 3- week diet, sports nutritionist, personal trainer and health coach.

Ultimately, and according the 3 Week Diet reviews registered, the 3 Week Diet suits busy people effectively. It does not require much, just a slice of your schedule. Also, the program aims at achieving results through short-timed activities with results being yielded over a very short period. The three week Diet is definitely an effective way to lose fat and build muscle for yourself in a short period of time.

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