Provillus Reviews: The Best Natural DHT Blocker For Hair Loss

provillus review

Hair loss and baldness is one problem nobody wishes to have, as it not only affects your physical appearance but the state of your mind as well. This problem is also not gender-specific but can affect both male and female. While some hair loss can be normal (where most people share about 50-100 hair everyday), most of the time, they are a result of a malfunction or destruction of the hair follicle by an enzyme known Dihydrotestosterone or DHT.

DHT is a derivative of testosterone, a male hormone. Under certain conditions, this enzyme become an enemy of your head and attacks your follicles. At this time, any contact with the hair follicle causes a shrinking and thereby interrupting its normal and healthy growth. This is when the hair starts to fall out. The primary way of treating this hair loss condition is with the use of DHT blocker products.

These DHT blocker products are well formulated with ingredients that block the formation of DHT – keeping it from having any contact with your scalp. This way, your hair follicles are kept sound and safe. Of all the numerous DHT Blocker products in the market, one of the most effective is the Provillus.


What is Provillus

Provillus has over the years of its existence been a revolutionary hair loss treatment formula containing an appropriate combination of vitamins, minerals and extracts of herb; all aimed at blocking the effect of the DHT enzyme. Produced by a company known as Ultra Herbal, it is a 100% natural supplement for hair growth supplement created – whether men and women. The primary objective of the product is to prevent any form of hair loss as a result of the action of DHT and help its regrowth in a short period of time.

The Provillus treatment comes in two parts;

  • One part is a supplement to be consumed orally

  • The other part is a topical product for application on the scalp

These two part of the treatment differ in their composition and content; however, their ingredients work together to eliminate the underlying hair loss problem, which is the presence of the DHT enzyme and help you regain your hair back. As this treatment is administered to the body, the ingredient there in go to work at the cellular level, promoting the health of testosterone of our hair follicles and allow for regrowth of the hair on the inside and outside of your body – all at the same time.


How Provillus Works

The general requirement for use of the product is to apply the topical lotion two times everyday; and as for the oral capsule two to three times daily.

In causing a regrowth of your hair, it does so in the three simple steps:

  • It soothes the hair follicles with ingredients such as calcium, zinc, magnesium and iron and them fortifies the hair shaft.

  • The follicle are offered protection from DHT and cortisol, hormones that damages the follicles.

  • The third stage is where the growth proper is initiated. This is right after the fortification and strengthening of the hair follicles.

All of its ingredient all work together to produce to nourish the scalp and cause a healthier hair and regrowth.

provillus review for women


Likely Pros of the Provillus:

Easy to Use

This is one of the hair treatment products that come with a less complicated procedure of application. All that is required is for you to use as directed and you can rest assured that it goes to work.

No Side Effects

The ingredients contained in this treatment are predominantly naturally occurring. This implies that they are not just effective but safe. Till date, no major side effect has been reported.

No Prescription Required

Just like we said previously that this treatment is easy to use, it also does not need too much attention to protocol. You don’t have to consult your physician before you can embrace this remedy. You can be sure that it can handle any situation with your body.

FDA Approved

You can be relaxed when using this product knowing that its ingredients are FDA approved. This implies that, they are safe and effective and have a chance of performing what they claim. You can be sure that using this product does not pose any threat to the health of your hair or general body.

Effective as Claimed

The Provillus hair loss treatment claims to provide a solution to the problem of baldness and unhealthy loss of hair. So far, it has been able to uphold that promise. To the surprise of a lot of customer, the product completely tackle the underlying hair loss problem and leaves the hair feeling and looking healthy.


Probable Cons of the Provillus:

Available Only Online

Although, the reason is yet unknown, but the Provillus is only available online. This is not a product you walk into your brick and mortar store and you see to purchase. This is its major disadvantage and a drawback from having people purchase. Some people are not just comfortable with making purchases on the internet, and as such might never have the opportunity of using the product.

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Key Featured Ingredients

Behind every great product are the great ingredients it contains. Provillus is formulated with intensively researched and carefully selected ingredients with the aim of helping to eliminate the underlying issues and restoring your loss hair.

Talking about GREAT ingredients, here they are:

Vitamin B6: You probably already know that this is one vitamin that performs a wide range of functions in the body. It so happens that its properties are also helpful when it comes to the health and growth of hair.

Biotin: You are probably confused by the name; unknown to you it is another common vitamin. Also known as Vitamin B7, this ingredient assists in metabolizing fat and carbohydrates, as this is a requirement for the health of the hair. Also, it functions in conditioning the scalp and hair.

Magnesium: This is another ingredient the Provillus needs to fulfil its claim of being an effective hair loss remedy. However, this ingredient works best when in the presence of calcium. Together they help to facilitate the health of the growth, thereby fostering a rapid regrowth.

Horsetail Silica: The herb known as horsetail contains silica in a high concentration. According to research, the silica content of this herb makes it effective in boosting the production of collagen, absorption of calcium, and also promotes the development of new strands of hair.

Para-amino benzoic acid: This is a natural occurring organic compound and is known for alleviating wrinkles on the skin, as well as absorbing UV rays. It is very effective in correcting the loss of pigmentation of the hair and preventing the hair from graying and retarding.

Zinc: This is another element and ingredient that is commonly talked about for its amazing properties. It goes a long way in encouraging cell duplication as well as regulation of hormone levels. Particularly, this substance helps in keeping the levels of DHT under control and as a result promoting the development of new strands of hair.

Saw Palmetto: This is an extract of the Saw Palmetto fruit and is known for its amazing benefits. One of such benefits is in regulating the hormone levels, particularly in men and assisting them to restore their hair and its beauty.

Muira Puama P: This is an extract of a medicinal plant and features properties that help in balancing the production of hormone and thus preventing baldness and hair shedding. It also helps to strengthen the hair strands.

Eleuther: This is an extract that helps in alleviating problems of digestion, slowing down aging process, improving the health of the skin and relieving from stress. Also, it contains properties that are effective at nourishing the scalp and rebuilding follicles, thereby promoting new hair growths.

Minoxidil: This is actually one of the most active ingredients in this Provillus formulation. It is effective in tackling the primary cause of baldness or hair loss. It does this by stimulating new hair strand production and also widening of the roots.


Social Proof

It is also confirmed that the Provillus is an effective treatment for hair loss and baldness. It has been scientifically proven and much more than that it has been confirmed and endorsed by numerous customers and users of the product. According to reviews on the internet and testimonies by customers, this is one product that actually fulfils what it promises. This is not to say that there are no negative reviews and testimonies, however the positive far out weights the negative. I think that automatically makes this product a success.

provillus review for men and women


Alternative to Provillus

While the Provillus maybe considered as the number one choice of a DHT blocker and anti-hair loss product, another product that might also be good choice is the Profollica. The Profollica is another natural DHT blocker product that claims to be well formulated with 100% natural ingredients that promise to stimulate regrowth of bald hair and leaving it exotic. It works similar to Provillus and comes in two parts – the supplement and activator gel.

However, unlike the Provillus that works for both men and women, Profollica is specially for men. While the supplement is taken orally, the gel is applied to the scalp. So, if for some reason you can’t get your hands on the Provillus, you can be sure that Profollica will make a good replacement and alternative.


Final Verdict

In recent times, the Provillus DHT blocker product is receiving a great deal of popularity. This is to be expected of a product that is as effective as it is; with a capsule formulation and topical cream. According to reviews already registered, it has succeeded in building a reputation for being one of the best baldness and hair loss remedy in the market.

This treatment is well suited for any one, whether male or female, old or young. It does not in any way compromise on your health, rather it improves it. However, you may want to take some form of caution if you are pregnant or a nursing mother. You physician might be guide on this. In all of these, one thing is sure, Provillus gets you back your hair, and even leaves it looking better.