Does Oxyhives Get Rid of Hives Fast? Find The Truth Here!

Oxyhives review

Hives is one condition no body ever wishes to have for any reason. Apart from the unlikely effect it has on the body, it has a way of bringing down our self confidence. This condition is usually caused by allergic triggers stimulating some special cells and thereby releasing chemicals like histamine and the rest into the blood. These results in the appearance of itchy welts in the skin – usually raised and colored white or red.

In some cases, this condition can be resolved within weeks, however, there are times that it lasts for a very long time. As this point, it becomes a chronic condition. Chronic or mild, this condition is embarrassing and discomforting. Do you want to know how to get rid of hives fast? OxyHives is the way.


What is Oxyhives

OxyHives refers to an homeopathic remedy, proven to be effective and safe for the relief of symptoms associated with hives. This treatment comes in the form of an oral spray with the aim of preventing swell, getting rid and preventing the occurrence of hives. This treatment is packed up with ingredients that have been proven to effectively combat the hive condition.

This is a unique and best of all natural solution that incorporates the tested medicinal properties of certain substances to speed up recovery of the hives symptoms. This is one of the few treatment that guarantees you a fast relief and ensures you get on with your life as soon as possible.


How Does It Work?

This all-natural remedy known as OxyHives comes in a single powerful solution that claims to effectively manage hives without any prescription given. According to studies, it belongs to the type of treatment that performs it function by inducing exactly similar symptoms from the main condition which in this case is hives.

Also, this treatment utilizes what is known as the sublingual administration technique. This technique is efficient for making its contained properties go all the way into the blood vessels and the affected areas of the skin. This method involves orally consuming a medication, usually it is placed under the tongue and then the whole body absorbs it from there. So it is not the usual oral medication. This method is highly effective and useful is the case of emergencies like heart attack.

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We Love :

100% Natural

I can’t stress enough that this product is all natural and effective in giving relieve to the itching and pain associated with hives. This is actually what guarantees that it will be safe, non toxic and without possible negative side effects as can be seen in other prescription medicines and/or messy creams. They are intended to work with the body and support its healing system. All of these is done naturally.

Effective for the Relief of Hive Symptoms

As already discussed, this product is well formulated from ingredients that have been tested and proven to help relieve common symptoms of hives like itching, burning, pain, swelling, stinging etc.

No Side Effects

So far since this treatment has been in existence, there has been no known side effects. This automatically implies that it is a great product for whoever wants to natural get relief from the impact of hives and do so without being afraid of unlikely consequences.

Easy to Use

Generally, this homeopathic hives remedy is very easy to use. This is obvious, since all that is required of you is to apply 2 sprays of the solution under your tongue about 2-3 times daily.

No Prescription Needed

The OxyHives is an over-the-counter treatment. This implies that one can go ahead and consume without having to consult the doctor. All that you need to know about the product and how to apply the product is simply spelt out. However, there are times it is recommended to consult a physician to be sure if your body is can handle it.

Easily Accessible

Given that it can be delivered worldwide, customers can have easy access to it from wherever they might be located. All you have to do is log unto their official website (ensure that it is their official to avoid issues) and make your order. You can be sure to have supportive customer service.


One of the advantage of this product is that it is reasonably priced compared to other similar products. I am not at liberty to disclose the price here, however, a bottle of OxyHives is relatively cheaper than similar quantity of other products that claim to treat hives. Also, it comes in advanced packages, to help you save more as you purchase more.

90 Days Money Back Guarantee

This is the part everybody loves. If for any reason the OxyHives does not work for you, you are at liberty to return it and in so doing, you get back your money. This is for real, as long as it is done within 90 days of purchase of the product.


We're Not too Fond of :

Quite Expensive

Compared to the numerous hive treatments, the Oxyhives is a little on the expensive side. However, this is due the fact that it is very rare and difficult to find the plant that you get the active ingredients from. The areas of the world that they grow in is very secluded. This means that they are not common and it takes a lot of effort to get them.



Featured Ingredients of OxyHives

Apis Mellifica 200C

This ingredient is also known as Honey Bee or Apis Mel. As its alternative name implies, it is useful in the treatment of bee stings, hives and even insect bites. What it does in the solution is to ease off the swell and reduce the itching effect. It is already obvious that it is made from bees – also included is bee's venom and stinger. However, it is mandatory to ensure a 200C rating for the sake of safe human consumption. Thus, it is usually diluted.

Arnica Montana (6X)

Arnica Montana is commonly known as a natural pain killer. Over the years it has been external used to reduce swells, muscle pain associated with muscle, joint or sprains problems. This ingredient is also functional in the treatment of the mouth to avoid mouth ulcers and swollen gum. Particularly for OxyHives, Arnica Montana helps in the rapid relief of any burning sensation

Ichthyolum (6X)

Ichithyolum, otherwise called Ammoniacum ichthyol sulphonate is an ingredient that contains sulphonated hydrocarbons and is found in fish remains – particularly its fossils. It is prepared from Tyrol and its bituminous mineral of Tyrol. In local therapeutics, ichthyolum is used as a topical application for the treatment of rheumatism and skin infections. Its contribution in the OxyHives is an antiseptic; for conditions having to do with the skin. This helps in the reduction of inflammation and pain.

Lachesis (30C)

Ever heard of the bushmaster snake venom that lives in the jungles of South and Central America? This substance happens to be an ingredient in the OxyHives solution. Its antiseptic properties were first discovered around 1830 by Dr. Constantine Hering. Ever since, it has been used as a homeopathic medicine in the treatment of various symptoms. This substance functions by easing burning sensations, and pain. It also offers relieve for the sensitiveness experienced on the skin surface.

Hepar (6X)

Hepar, or call it hepar sulphuris calcareum; it is product of an equal part mixture of pure sulphur and fine oyster shell powder. These mixtures are typical remedies for serious disorders such as hoarse cough, sore throat, skin inflammation, earache or other forms of infection related to the skin. Its primary function in this hive solution is alleviating itching, redness or heat in/on the skin surfaces affected by hives – like the palms, ears and so on.

Mercurius solubilis(200C)

The name of this ingredient is likely to make you scared as its main ingredient is mercury. However, you don’t have to be, as the mercury is usually diluted to the point where it becomes safe for consumption. You probably may have noticed it in other medications like Traumeel and this gives you a clue as to what it does. This is an ideal intake for people with weak immune system, and is effective for treatment of gingivitis, burning pains, throat ulcers, sore throat, tonsillitis, joint pain, severe coughs, earache, and fever. Particularly in OxyHives, its function is to promote relieve from redness, acute itching in the ears, and swelling. It is also effective in the relief of nightly or tingly itching on the hands.

Rhus Toxicodendron (Poison Oak) 200C

Rhus Toxicodendron is another active ingredient of the OxyHives. Made from the Poison Ivy plant leaves, it is an effective homeopathic remedy. This substance is traditionally used for the treatment of poison ivy. It is also used for treat inflammatory conditions such as blisters, hives rash, chicken pox, shingles, skin swell (similar to poison ivy), and rheumatoid arthritis, amongst many others. Some scientist have gone as far as saying that Rhus Toxicodendron is one of the major ingredient of the OxyHives treatment.

Urtica Urens (200C)

Well, here is the confirmed main ingredient of the OxyHives – Urtica Urens. Traditionally, it is used for treating skin itchiness and inflammation such as hives and the rest. This ingredient is sometimes referred to as Small Nettle or Dwarf Nettle as it is made from the herb annual nettle. It is actually a semi-woody herbaceous plant and belongs to a group known as the genus Urtica. The genus Urtica is a flax that is nettle yielding fiber-resembling, and grows annually. In fact, this ingredient is a favorite prescription by most herbalists for the treatment of burning, stinging and reddish skin outbreaks.


Final Verdict

If you have had or seen a case of hives infection before, you will agree with me that it is not a desirable condition in any way. Over the years, a lot of treatments have emerged, but never the less, the OxyHives remains one of the best of them all. Its results are long lasting and fast.

More importantly it employs the use of natural means, and as such there are no side effect attached. All over the internet are testimonials of people that have used this product and got the required result. This topical spray solution works together with your body to eliminate every symptoms associated with hives.