Here is How to Make Your Nose Smaller…

Here is How to Make Your Nose Smaller

Our noses are major players in our appearance and how appealing we look to ourselves and others. However, when the nose is too big, it can become the center of attention on our faces and that can be baaaaaaaaaaad.

If you have a big nose and want to know how to make your nose smaller, you are reading the right article and will come across many options that will help you.

It is also important for you to know that our noses come in different shapes and sizes and you shouldn’t judge the size of your nose without proper consideration to your body size.

This means some people currently think their nose is bigger when anything smaller will be out of place to their entire physique.

Moreover, wanting to make your nose smaller is not just about being displeased with your looks, it could be because you want to opt for a fresh look and a smaller nose will complement it well.


5 Ways to Make Your Nose Smaller

There are about five major ways you can make your nose smaller and they are:

  • Nose exercise

  • Natural remedies

  • Make up

  • Surgery

  • Draw attention away from your nose


Nose Exercise

There are different exercises that can make the nose smaller and they work because the nose is made up of cartilage which makes it more flexible and malleable. Here are some nose exercises that will help make the nose smaller:


Nose Shaping

This exercise is particularly suitable for anyone who doesn’t like the shape of his/her nose. It keeps the nose muscles firm and in good position thereby preventing sagging and other ageing effects.

You will do this exercise with your index fingers which you should press against the sides of your nose while forcefully exhaling. While doing this, apply some pressure at the bottom of the base of the nostrils.

Repeat this exercise about 10 times daily and you will be able to carve your nose the best way you deem fit.


Nose Straightening

This is one of the best exercises to get a smaller nose. Smiling is one of the most effective nose straightening exercises out there and it works wonders.

As you smile, shove your nose upwards with your fingers to regulate the side of your nose. You can do this exercise for about 30 minutes daily for best results.

However, with time, the smile lines also deepen and make your nose appear bigger. To counter this, fill your mouth with air and swish the captured air in different directions in your mouth.

Hold for about 5 seconds in each direction before releasing. Repeat this exercise anytime you smile and your nose will be smaller without any future complications.


Nose Shortening

This exercise will make the nose shorter and smaller and dispel the ageing effects on nasal muscles and cartilages. To perform this exercise, put your index finger at the apex of your nose and press it gently.

Then mount some pressure as you press the finger downward on your nose. Repeat this exercise everyday as many times as possible.


Nose Wiggling

This exercise will build up your nasal muscles. By strengthening your nasal muscles, your nose will become firmer and appear to shrink. To perform this exercise, wiggle your nose whenever your face is static and repeat it as often as you can every day.



No, it isn’t the regular breathing you do to remain alive. It is breathing exercise which is a familiar practice to anyone who works out regularly or does yoga.

To perform this exercise, exhale and inhale deeply while holding your breath at each instance. This is of immense benefit to your health and making your nose smaller is one of them.

Another way to perform this exercise is to inhale through one of your nostrils while blocking the other and breathe out slowly as you release the blocked nostril and inhale through it as well. You can repeat this exercise as often as you can every day.


Nose Massage

Nose massage offers many benefits and shaping your nose is just one of them. Others include treatment of headaches and relief from stress and anxiety.

To perform this exercise, massage every point of your nose gently by rubbing your finger against it in a circular motion. Do this as many times as you can every day.


Natural Remedies

With some slight lifestyle adjustments, if you want to know how to make your nose smaller, you only need to follow them and you will achieve your goal in no time.


Eat Healthy Diet

When you eat the right food in the right proportion, it follows that you will naturally feel good about yourself and your body will thank you for it. There is no better way our body thanks us for taking good care of it than by looking good and healthy.

You need to keep your entire body in top shape and this you can do by eating a lot of protein, enough carbohydrates, a lot of fruits and vegetables, unsaturated fats and drinking lots of water. You should avoid sugary, oily and processed food at all cost.

A healthy nose is a consequence of a healthy body and if you take good care of your body, your face will appear slim and sleek and that includes your face as well.



This is an ancient treatment for making the nose smaller. It has been in use since medieval times especially in the eastern cultures and it continues till today because it is a potent way to achieve intended results.

Get some fresh ginger, peel it, slice it, grind it and make a thick paste with it. You can add a little water to form the paste. Apply the paste on the part of the nose that you want to shrink.

Leave it for about 15 minutes and repeat this process several times a day. Note that this mixture can cause burns for some people with sensitive skin so be sure your skin is okay with it before you proceed with the treatment.



A cold compress can work wonders in making your nose become smaller. This is because our noses are quick to appear bigger than they really are at some point or after some activities.

With a cold compress, the bloating will be reduced and the nose can get back into a smaller shape that is more desirable.



To make the most of using make up to make the nose smaller, you have to pay attention to the specifics and steps. To begin with, you have to understand how highlighting and contouring work.

You can choose to use a slightly darker or lighter shade to make your nose appear slimmer.


Step 1 – Choose The Right Shade of Make-Up

This may be the most important step to making your nose smaller with make-up. You can choose a powder or cream based make-up but powder is more common.

Avoid anything that has shimmer. Use special contour and highlight make-up. You can also use matte eye-shadow.

For the eye shadow, use a color that is darker than your skin tone. Same applies for your highlighter. However, choose a color that matches your skin undertone.


Step 2 – Choose The Right Tools and Brushes

When it comes to making your nose smaller with make-up, it isn’t only the makeup that is important but also the tool set you use. If you want to use powder based make up, use a soft bristled brush while if you are using the cream based make up, use stiff bristled brush.

You should also use angled brush to apply the shadow and highlighter and a soft brush to blend the two together.


Step 3 – Use Primer and Foundation

With the primer, you can minimize the pores on your skin while the foundation will serve as a stay for the contouring makeup. You will also be able to even out the skin tone with these two.

You can apply the primer with your finger and use a brush to apply the foundation. It is important you use a foundation that will match your face.


Step 4 – Apply The Highlighter

With an angled brush, you can apply the highlighter by drawing a thin line along the center of your nose. Start drawing the line at the top of your nose down to the tip.

Then you should use the blending brush to blend the highlight as well as to soften it. Note that the softening process is for the wide edges, not to broaden the highlight.


Step 5- How to Use Shadow

You can use shadow to make your nose appear straighter. Draw the shadows on the sides of the nose. You can start at the corner of your eyes and end it at the tip.

To do this, make sure you don’t follow the contour of your nose but instead, make the line straight. You should also blend the brush with your brush.


Step 6 – Put Finishing Touches

Dab some powder on to keep the contour makeup in place. This will not only soak excess oil, it will keep the makeup in place.

Use translucent powder or a powder that matches your skin tone. Use brush to dust off any excess oil that may appear on your skin. Don’t use shimmer to prevent making your face unnecessarily oily.



Among other ways you can make your nose smaller, surgery is one of the quickest ways to achieve the same result. Although it is an expensive option compared to other options, it is quick and effective when done professionally and with adequate care.

A nose job is a permanent way to make your nose smaller and can be done through rhinoplasty or plastic surgery. A good nose job can widen the nose and nostrils, remove nose humps or dips and correct symmetry or nose crookedness.

A nose job takes about two hours and is done under general or local anesthesia. Whenever anyone considers cosmetic surgery, such person’s medical history will be reviewed to determine if they are fit or not.

This is not to say that plastic surgery doesn’t have its own risks and the risks involved include allergic reactions, trouble with breathing, bruising, infection and bleeding. Know that there is a recovery process involved even though the surgery itself only takes about 2 hours.

The recovery process may also involve some bruising and puffiness. You may also have to wear a nose splint to protect the nose. Cold compress also helps to reduce the bruising of the nose. You should also be aware that some scarring can occur which may be permanent.


Draw Attention Away From Your Nose

Most times when people have the notion that their noses are too big, it is because of the comments that other people make. When it comes right down to the man and his nose or the woman and her nose, they are often okay with it.

That way, if you can successfully and consistently draw attention away from your nose, you may find out that you are okay with your nose as it is. In some other cases, your choice of dressing, hairstyle and makeup make your nose appears bigger than it really is and makes it seem like a big problem when it is nothing to worry about.

While you may be considering other options in your bid to satisfy your desires, here are steps to take if you want to know how to make your nose smaller:

  • Wear bright and bold lipstick to draw attention from your nose to your lips

  • Draw attention away from your nose with hairstyles such as soft curls, layers that fame face, side parts and many more. Avoid hairstyles such as tight ponytails, center parts, straight across cuts and many more

  • Wear accessories such as earrings and necklace to draw attention to their shininess instead of your nose

  • Avoid heavy eye makeup which draws attention to the face and by extension, the nose.