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The focal point of a woman face is usually considered to be the lips. This is the part of their face that is usually associated with attraction and beauty. This for most ladies is an asset and a desired dream. This is why most women love having an alluring of the area. While some women were born with naturally plumbed lip, there are those who have gotten it through surgical means. The later is true of most of our celebrities these day. They went through all of that trouble of a cosmetic surgery just so their lips can look pout, sexy and a lot juicer.

There is nothing wrong with desiring such appearance, but the fact is that the trouble women go through to achieve in the past has been drastic and unsafe. In recent times there have been so many lip plumping techniques that claim to give you this desired appearance. However, not all of have really fulfilled this dream; but one of the lip plumping product you can always trust to give you your desired alluring lips is the Idol Lips.


What is Idol Lip

Idol Lip plumper is the latest safe and sure way of boosting the size of the lips; this mainly has to do with women. This product is made of a technology that gives instant plump on the lips and natural. It contains certain ingredients that help in moisturizing the lip, and leaves it with no side effects. These ingredients have been clinically tested and the conclusion is that all function together to give you an increased lip size, enhanced and sexier – literally like that the of an idol.

With this plumbing technology, you no longer have to opt for the expensive surgeries and lip injections with their associated risks. The Idol Lip is a natural lip plumper designed and fortified properties that nourishes lips, thereby doing away with any form of dryness and other problems associated with an under nourished lip.


Here's How it works

Although there is no clear information on how this product works, the idea here is that at the end, the lips is given a swelling effect. The Idol Lip is to be applied between one to three time daily after cleaning and drying your lips. Care must be taken in this application (the lip line should not exceed) since there's a likelihood of a skin irritation.

On applying the product, you will experience a tingling and warm sensation; this is normal and is an indication of its working. However, if any severe irritation occurs, it is advisable to discontinue use. This is usually due to hypersensitivity of one or more of its ingredients.

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We Love:

Increased Confidence

It is no doubt that the swelling effect created by the Idol Lip has a way of making you more confident about yourself. Packed up with potent and powerful ingredients, this plumping product gives you every woman's desired plump lips. This way, no matter where you find yourself, you will be proud to show up especially the lips for all to see and admire.

Adds Sex Appeal and Femininity

One of the reason this product has become so popular over a short period of time is because of the fact that it ascertains your sex appeal and femininity. This is an easy way improve on your beauty as a woman and as a result you become very desirable by men.

Enhances your Smile

You will agree with me that just like your hair, your lips frames your face. With a plump lips, any little smile you put out will be perceived in a great way. This way, you’re re of being able to get the attention you have always craved for. This could help you get what you have always wanted to know!

No Side Effect

There is usually a mistaken experience when the issue of whether this product has side effects or not. Most people misunderstand the sensation of a fairly intense sensation to mean that the product has an adverse effect on their lips. Also, its possible that you are allergic to some of the ingredients. However, you would notice all of these unusual reaction happens at the beginning of the application of this product. This does not in any way undermine the quality of the technology or ingredients used in its preparation.


The Idol Lip is not the only lip plumping product or technique. It probably might not be the best. One thing is for sure – it is very affordable and possibly the most affordable. This does not in any way mean that it is less in quality compared to others. This is one product with a unique combination of quality and affordability.

Easy to Use

One of the things that discourages people from purchasing a product is usually the fear of not being able to apply it themselves. This is not the case with the Idol Lip. The process of its application is not at all complicated; plus the results come almost immediately.

Beautiful Pictures All The Way

Having a plump lips has a lot of benefits for women. Every woman loves to have that glowing and enticing shine. This off course will make you stand out in the midst of other women. This will also reduce any form of editing when it comes your pictures.

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We're Not too Fond of:

No Money Back Guarantee

This is something I think the manufacturers of this product should give attention to. Most people only opt in for a product that guarantees beyond reasonable doubt that the product works. This is expressly shown in the money back guarantee. However, the Idol Lip does not have such. This has a way of making you feel like it’s a scam. People want to be able to buy a product and if not satisfied with the results, return.

Not Extensively Test

So far, the ingredients all contained in this product have been extensively tested. However, so far, it has not been reported to be unsafe by the user.


Featured Ingredients of Idol Lips

The access of any product is usually a function of its ingredients. This is also very true when it comes to the Idol Lips treatment. You’re about to discover the ingredients responsible for this great product.

Macadamia Nut Oil

The macadamia nut oil is one oil that is normally used for preparing cosmetics. This is largely because of its moisturizing effect. This is also the case with Idol Lips. This ingredient functions as a moisturizer; smoothens your lips and contribute to the plumping effect. Its high oxidative abilities ensures that your lips stays moisturized and nourished for a very long time.

Castor Bean Oil

This is one oil that has an unusual composition and still has a lot to offer. One of its benefits is in the area of a moisturizer. The Castor Bean Oil is what you want to get when your lips to get smooth, soft and cushy. This has over the years been used in ancient Egypt and still in use today.

Vitamin B12

Otherwise known as Cobalamin, this ingredient is a major constituent of the Idol Lip Plumper. This is one ingredient your body needs for maintenance and forming of healthy blood cells. You can be sure that your blood vessels are well nourished and your lips effectively and naturally plumped. The effect is usually very pronounced as it acts on your underneath skin.


You’re probably very familiar with this ingredient as it is commonly used in preparing balms. This is because it helps in treating chapped or irritated skin surface. In the Idol Lips Plumper formula, it functions in adding moisture and nourishment to your lips. Also, the Menthol is known for triggering sensitive receptor in your skin that have grown cold and returns with a refreshed and cooling sensation.



If you're still in search of a product that can enhance your lips and give it that sexy feel and look, am sure by now you already know that Idol Lip Plumper is the solution for you. This treatment delivers you from painful operations and surgeries. It also saves you the time and money you would have spent on other products and techniques only experience little or no result.

If you're a lady, I know you love it when your lips looks attractive, sexy and expressive – we all do. Hence the need for Idol Lip. This product will help you achieve fuller lips, just the way you like it. It fulfills all of its claims as listed by the manufacturer and even more. This is how interesting it can get. It is natural, safe, effective and very importantly – affordable. With Idol Lip, you won't have to worry about dried and unattractive lips.

All of what I have just said in this Idol Lips Plumper review may sound like “Old Wives Fables” until you get to try them for yourself. I assure you that you won’t e any course for complain. You would be glad you did.

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