How to Get Bigger Hips Naturally

How to Get Bigger Hips Naturally

A woman’s body has always been of vital importance to her and because the skinny look is on its way out, many women are asking about how to get bigger hips. This is to keep in tandem with the hot celebrity figures that have set the pace on feminine beauty; I am speaking of the likes of Bey, Jennifer Lopez and Nikki Minaj. These women have redefined curvaceous and women all over the globe are on the look out to achieve their kind of body symmetry.

Fortunately, the endeavour is not a search in futility as with adequate information, you can tone your muscles and work on your curves to get the body you have always dreamed of. Fortunately, this information is covered within the scope of this article.


Who Can Get Bigger Hips?

Just because it is possible to widen your hips doesn’t mean it will be a walk in the park for you. This is especially true for skinny women or those who are already overweight. Such categories of women have to go the extra mile to achieve desired results. As you may already know by now, the concept of spot reduction is a myth and isn’t likely to work for you to get bigger hips.

What you can do is to be ready to give it all it takes to get into shape and you will find that your hips will also get into shape as a consequence. Thus, if the processes you have been using haven’t been working for you, don’t lose hope. There are still many things you can do to sculpt your hips into the 21st century sexy feminine goddess.


Major Ways to Get Bigger Hips

  • Medical Intervention

  • Diet

  • Exercise


Medical Intervention

This deals with physical or surgical implantation of substances to your butts or the ingestion of butt enhancing substances. While a lot of details go into this part, because we don’t recommend it, we won’t dwell on it much. We don’t recommend it because it is an expensive and dangerous process that can do your body more harm than good in the long run.

If you can achieve the same result by careful diet and exercise, why should you endanger your health for it? However, that is not to say it doesn’t work for everybody. If your heart is really set on going this direction, we recommend you engage the service of a highly experienced and conscientious professional who will put your interest and well-being above everything else.



Everything has to do with what we eat; our well-being, the shapes of our bodies, our life expectancy, everything indeed. Yet, there seems to be nothing we take for granted like what we eat. If you will have the body of your dreams, the kind that have men gawking and women envying you, you will have to eat what you must and not necessarily what you feel like eating. You will have to align your appetite with healthy options.

The thing is, if you are used to eating junky, sugary and oily foods, you will find it difficult at first, but as you continue to feed your body what is good, your taste buds will adjust and your cravings will also align. The minute you make up your mind to give your body the right diet, your appetite will also lean towards healthy foods. That is why it appears as if those who eat good food do so with grace, as if they never hunger for those harmful foods. The truth is, it wasn’t easy for them to start with as well, but with practice, they got used to it and now, they are disgusted at the sight of any food that won’t benefit their bodies.

If you want to know how to get bigger hips, I will be talking on the specific types of food you should be eating to achieve that. After all, you may already know what you shouldn’t be eating but not know what you should be eating.



Protein is a great idea if you want to get bigger hips as it is the body’s primary building block. The thing about eating enough protein in your bid to get bigger hips is that with the right combination of exercise, your hips won’t just be the flabby type that looks more water-pumped but the firm type that is well set and aligns with the rest of your body. When you eat enough protein, your body will be rich in amino acid which will in turn, help you build the muscles needed for hips enhancement.

Another advantage to protein is that it is rich in fiber and contains little or no saturated fat and is therefore good for your body. If you are on the skinny side, for example, you will need to add on a little weight to get bigger hips, eating healthy protein is a great way to achieve this as protein digests easily and will help you build up your appetite. This way, you can add a little on your hips side without gathering extra and useless weight.

This also works well for those who may already be overweight since they shouldn’t consume carbs. Here are the samples of protein that you should eat

  • Animal based protein such as lean meat, fish (cod, salmon, tuna etc), eggs, milk and other dairy products among others

  • Plant based protein such as beans, whey, soy, nuts, tomatoes, berries, and oatmeal among others



Carbohydrates will help you grow your hips faster when taken in the right combination with other food types and proper exercise. Some people wrongly think eating carbs is bad for the body but this is a wrong way to think as healthy carbs helps you to build up your hip region through adequate supply of insulin.

If you are overweight, eating more carbs is not advisable for you as you already have more than enough sugar stored in your body. Some foods with good carbs are whole grains, wheat, sweet potatoes, beans and many more.


Healthy Fats

Many people are of the opinion that eating fats will make them unnecessarily fat and so they avoid fats altogether. This mindset is wrong and should be changed. Truth is, you need healthy unsaturated fat to remain healthy and strong and to absorb the nutrient from other foods that you consume. If you want to get a nice and curvaceous body, you may want to fatten up a bit if you are on the skinny side.

To east healthy fats, you have to first do away with all animal fats. You can also switch regular butter with coconut butter to reduce your waistline and highlight your hips. Healthy fats include avocadoes, olive oil and fish oil among others.


Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetables are important sources of minerals and vitamins which are essential to tone the skin and remain healthy and strong. They help the body to better absorb nutrients and are rich in fiber therefore aiding digestion. Include green leafy vegetables and eat a lot of fruits to get that wide and curvaceous look you have always desired. Fruits and vegetables to add include lettuce, spinach, water melon, apples and carrots among others.



Exercise works differently for skinny women who want to know how to get bigger hips and overweight women. This is because a skinny woman needs to work more on her diet while an overweight woman needs to work more on exercise. A balanced combination of these two is what will result in bigger hips. It is common to people top imagine the most strenuous routine workout when they see exercise as a necessity to get the body they desire.

I have good news for you. The exercises that will help you build up your hips are not strenuous at all and with the right attitude, you can actually look forward to your work out time. Here are exercises that will aid the widening and toning of the hips:



Squats are arguably the most important sets of exercises you can do to get wider hips because they target your inner and outer hip muscle for toning and build-up. The two main types of squats that will work are dumbbell squats and split cell squats.

To perform dumbbell squats, stand and spread your feet to be wider than your shoulders. Then hold the dumbbell down at your sides. Lower your body by bending you’re your knees and stop when your thighs are parallel to the floor. You can liken the stance to sitting in an invincible chair. The strain will be felt at your abdominal muscles and inner thighs. Meanwhile, you can hold the dumbbell down with you or stretch it out in front of you with your two arms. The squat is complete when you raise yourself up again with your feet.

The split leg squat is done with a height bench. Hold a barbell across the top of your back and lift the tight leg behind your body as you place the top of your right foot flatly on the bench. You should stop when your things are parallel to the floor and rise again. You can also switch sides as you repeat steps.

Try to do up to 100 squats in a single workout.


Side Lying Hip Abduction

This exercise is highly effective for toning hip and butt muscles and to achieve bigger and firmer hips. It is done on a mat or the floor. You lie flat on your side with your legs fully stretched away from your body. It is advisable you use your arm for support against your head. Now, raise your upper leg from the lower leg gently till your hips start tilting and your waist collapses into the other leg. Make sure the remaining part of your body remain in a neutral position.

The downward stage of the exercise is when you return your leg to its initial position slowly and smoothly. You can repeat this up to ten times and then roll over to the other side to alternate the roles of the legs. Note that your feet shouldn’t be raised beyond 45º which will be too high for the exercise.



This is an important exercise for getting bigger hips as it requires that you maintain a helpful position for a longer period of time than required in other types of exercises. Yoga is doubly beneficial because it not only tones your muscles, it also relieves you of stress thereby boosting your digestive system and helping you burn fat faster. While yoga boasts of many poses which are suitable for different purposes, the poses you can use to get bigger hips include the pigeon, the lizard, the crow and the frog which all engage the hip muscles.

However, when it comes to yoga, you should not start with complicated poses which can quickly veer you off the course. If you are really bent on using yoga to achieve your goal, you may engage the services of an instructor to help you grow with it.


Side Lunge

While lunge is a popular exercise for toning body muscles, side lunge is an important exercise for those who want to know how to get bigger hips. It is highly effective as it optimizes the hip muscles to build a firmer and more robust hips and butt.

To do this exercise, you need some free space. Stand at the centre of such space and imagine it to be the centre of a clock. Step outside the centre with your right feet as if you are reaching for 2 and set your heel on the floor. Lower your toes and knees towards it in one motion. Go down till your right thigh is almost parallel to the floor. Pull yourself up and repeat this process with the other leg. Do this regularly and your hips will grow bigger and firmer with time.