How to Get Your Slim Thick Body Shape

get slim thick

The newest body craze in our society is the subject of how to get a slim thick figure. No longer do our ladies hang on to the common saying that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”

You will agree with me that a curvy body goes a long way to determining the “beholder’s” impression of your beauty.

Having a slim thick body shape simply means having a body with a smaller waist, and bigger booty and thicker thighs. Sometimes, we see our supermodels with these kinds of look and wondering how to get slim thick like them – if it's ever possible to achieve such.

Well, the answer is yes. However, it is not going to be easy but will require some sort of hard work, commitment, and dedication.

Getting a slim thick figure can be achieved with a combination of targeted strength training exercises, aerobic activities, and diet on low calorie. It will basically involve efforts directed at diets and workout for a slim waist and a bigger butt.

For the sake of this article, we would sub-categorize the workouts and diets to those required for achieving a smaller waist and those for a bigger butt.


Exercises and Getting Slim Thick

To achieve the perfect waistline and bigger butt, it requires a pump up with workout routines. At the early stage of the exercises, you do not have to make them exhausting. Ensure that you listen to your body and not to over strain.

There are various cardio exercises that you can commit to that will concentrate on the leg, butt and abdominal region. Much more than that is engaging in more butt or waist-specific exercise and routines in order to burn and/or control the calories lined up around the waistline.

These exercises don’t have to be done outdoors; there are lots of them for the indoors.


Diets and Getting Slim Thick

Your calorie intake goes a long way to impact on your waistline features. According to health experts, it is recommended that in order to lose about 2 pounds a week, it will require cutting from your daily diet an equivalent of 3500 calories.

For most people, it is usually a chore at the start, but as time passes on, and with disciplined efforts, it becomes a fun routine.

Also to note is that your diet must be balanced. Remember that your exercise will not mean much without a well-balanced diet by the side. Your diets should comprise of energy giving carbohydrates, muscle building proteins, and immune boosting vitamins and minerals.

Starting the day with fruits, whole grain cereals, and eggs will be a great idea. The idea is not just having your stomach full, but packed up with necessary nutrients.


How to Achieve A Smaller Waist

Achieving a slim waist basically involves losing abdominal-related weight and in a well-conditioned manner. One of the reasons ladies begin to develop an unlikely waist is largely because, as they approach adulthood, there is a gradual slow down in the body's metabolism.

To compensate for this will require regular and intensive exercise, coupled a few change in diet.


Waist Training Exercises for A Smaller Waistline

Here are exercises that concentrate on abdominal and upper leg area for a slim and well-trimmed waistline.

Jumping Oblique Twist – This, of course, is a cardio workout and is aimed at helping to burn calories around the abdomen and tone its sides. These oblique moves focus at creating muscles that pull the body inwards, just the way it’s supposed to be.

The Russian Twist – This exercise involves twisting motion that firms your side muscle, thus whittling your middle area and as a result gives you smaller and toned midsection. Plus it bumps up the calorie burning of any system for healthy weight.

Pilates Side Plank with Leg Raise – This exercise works on the entire core and this you will immediately feel when it begins to work on your obliques and sides. This exercise comes in various level of difficulty and should be chosen according to individual ability and then grow from there.

Crisscross Crunches – this exercise is one of the best there is in toning your shape. It burns a lot of calories.

Windshield Wipers – Here is another oblique exercise; even though it’s for the beginner, but does a lot in terms of improving your torso motion range.

With a solid foundation core, you can even step it up by straightening your legs.

Hundred” Exercise – Here’s another effective exercise that involves you lying on your back with legs up-lifted to make a 90-degree angle with the vertical. With your arms spreads, pump your legs about 100 times. This can be done in a standing, as well as in a sitting position – as long as your stomach is stuck.

Twist Crunches – Remember the traditional crunches? This is quite similar. All you do is lie with your back, making contact with the ground, and your knees bent at an angle 45-degree. Afterwards, slowly torso up towards your knees and with your feet still kept on the ground twist on one side.


Super Foods for A Smaller Waistline

Here are top superfoods that are very effective for better butts:


Oatmeal, being a whole grain, is a fiber-rich food and eating a lot of it goes a long way to helping you lose body fat.

According to research, people (especial adults) whose diets included oats experienced a significant reduction in the circumference of their waist.

Also, they have a way of making you fuller, and thus discouraging calorie consumption.

Whey Protein

Another diet that has a way of enhancing one's feelings of satisfaction is the Whey protein. Sources of this food include eggs, beans, protein and lean meats.

High-quality protein, much like dietary fiber, enhances feelings of fullness and encourages less eating.

According to study, people who replace their diets with whey protein instead of the usually calorie-filled ones, experienced loss of fat around the waistline.


Another low-calorie food is yogurt, plus it's a high-quality source of protein. People who regularly consumed yogurt were observed to gradually slim down around their abdominal area.

However, it is important to state here that not all yogurts are effective for weight loss. You should avoid yogurts that are fruit-flavored as they are going to contain an unhealthy amount of sugar.


Even though salads alone do not guarantee a successful weight loss, however, they greatly impact on the success of a weight loss long-term goal.

As a rule of thumb, you can eat a small quantity of salad a couple of minutes before any meal of the day.

You will observe after a short period of time that the circumference around your waist line will significantly drop.


How to Get A Bigger Booty

You probably have seen a couple of celebrities with their awesome looking butts, and you wonder how to get slim thick and have such butts too.

Well, a sexy butt is basically a result of an enhanced gluteus maiximus and medius. This can be achieved with just the right exercises and foods.


Simple Exercises for A Bigger Butt

Here are exercises that concentrate on building up the glutes and increase its mass, thus giving you bigger and well-toned butts.



Squats are the #1 exercises when it comes to building a curvier butt. This exercise is the most effective in maximizing your gluteus muscles and thus giving the desired results of a bigger butt.

Sporty woman doing squat

How to do: A perfect squat is achieved with knees properly bent and kept behind the toes, head facing forward, and legs in a parallel position with all your weight focused on the heels.

Make sure to go all the way deep, as this is only when you're sure that the gluteal muscles are maximally engaged.


Heel Raises

These are excellent exercises for anyone looking to develop a curvier and sexier butt.

Heel Raise 2

How to do: This involves lifting your hands and legs, driving up one of the heels of your foot straight towards the ceiling. While in this position, engage the flexed muscle in a flex and exhale.

For a better growth of muscle in glutes, you can make use of resistance bands or weights for maintaining tension. After a few minutes, you can bring down the knee and inhale when doing so and cross it over the other knee.

Repeat same for the other legs.


Jump Squats

Just like the general and traditional squats, the jump squats are great exercise when it comes strength gaining and fat burning.

jump squat

How to do: To begin, get your body in the usual squat position, ensuring that your knees don’t exceed your knees. After achieving a safe squat position, get ready to jump spring all the way up, as high as you can and back down in the same position you took off from.

Do this for about 45 seconds repeatedly, rest a bit and do it again for about 5 minutes and see the wonders to your butt.


Single Leg Bridges

This is one exercise you can be sure is done by most of your highly admired celebrities. They are great exercises to shape and build any booty and give you a sexy VS model legs.

single leg bridge

How to do: With your back laid, lift up one of your legs completely and allow the other leg’s foot lying flat on the horizontal ground. Focus a large part of your weight on the foot placed on the ground; aim to align the shoulder and knee in a straight position and exhale while doing so.

After about 10 seconds, slowly return to your original position, as you flex your glutes. Remember to inhale on your way down.


Diets for A Bigger Butt

Here are top superfoods that are very effective for better butts.


According to nutrition experts, one of the most effective superfoods for a bigger butt is the quinoa. Quinoa is known to contain a fairly high amount of protein and some very essential amino acids.

These foods find their way all the way up to the butts and part on the mass of glutes. Together with the right workouts, the quinoa can work to give just the perfect curve for your butts.


We all know that this is a common and very good source of protein. One of its major constituents is Omega-3 fatty acids and this substance is not only known to be a healthy fat but also effective for butt growth.

The most popular types of fish include salmon, tilapia, and tuna. This food contains a high level of calorie, which fulfills one of the conditions for building a bigger butt.

Sweet Potatoes

One food that is not only delicious, but a great source of the necessary nutrients for a bigger butt is the sweet potatoes. Although this food falls into the carb category, however, they contain fewer carbohydrates compared to other potato types.

With a high level of potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, sweet potatoes are a great food for those looking to build up their butts to become bigger and better.


Avocado may be a fruit, but it is also a great source of healthy fat. In addition to being a great source of protein, it is also a perfect choice for a healthy diet, as it contains fiber and potassium.

There are a lot of ways you can incorporate it into your diet. It can serve as a good substitute for your regular mayonnaise or salad dressing and can be used as a spread for your sandwich – mixing it with eggs.

However, it is advised that they are consumed moderately, even though they fall under the category of good fat source.



Everybody likes a slim thick physique (at least most ladies). That perfectly grown, round and toned butt with legs still looking sexy is something that drives guys knots and this the dream of every lady.

If you wish to have an aesthetic physique, your best route on how to get slim thick is to combine the workouts and exercise (as listed above) targeted at slimming down the waistline and building your glutes for bigger butts.

It is important to note that for all of these efforts to be worth the while, you must ensure to lead a healthy lifestyle. Make sure that you avoid as much stress as you can.

Few minutes of medication and intermittent deep breaths can go a long way to help you unwind and relax after a hard day from work.