How To Get Rid Of Gallstones – 8 Stone Crusher Remedies

how to get rid of gallstones

In America today, over a million people are affected by the condition known as gallstones. This is one condition that is usually associated with women compared to men and comes with an excruciating pain on upper right side of the back and abdomen. This condition primarily results from an imbalance in the hormonal constituents of the body. This imbalance hampers on the production of the cholesterol. There are a lot of reasons this might occur, ranging from medication, childbirth process, development of the body and so on. Contained in this article are things you should know on how to get to get rid of gallstones.


What Really Are Gallstones?

Gallstones refers to those solid materials that are formed in the gallbladder, which is a sack-like shaped small organ found under the liver, whose primary role is to store bile. Medically, this condition is referred to as cholelithiasis by doctors. This piece of matter is made up of deposits of calcium and cholesterol particles and other substances the bile contain. Gallstones form as a result of coagulation and binding of these substances.

The unfortunate thing about this condition is that symptoms are hardly noticed when they are forming. You only get to experience hours of severe pains after they must have formed. They usually vary in terms of composition, density, shape, size and symptoms. However, they usually have the same cause and require similar treatment. They come in two main types and these are:

  • Cholesterol stones – These gallstones are usually associated with the yellow-greenish coloration. Also, they are a more common kind of gallstones, and account for 80% of the occurrence of the condition.

  • Pigment stones – These type of stones are darker and smaller. They are usually made up of the fluid substance made by the liver, stored in gallbladder and contained in bile; this substance is known as bilirubin.


Causes of Gallstones

Gallstone Causes

When there is excess of cholesterol in the bile

When the cholesterol level of the bile is high, it leads to the development of yellow cholesterol stones. This is usually the case when the bile is unable to completely dissolve the cholesterol.

Too much bilirubin in your bile

When the liver destroys old red blood cells, the result is the production of a chemical known as Bilirubin. There are times when this chemical is produced in amounts more than it should, usually as a result of a damaged liver or certain disorders of the blood. When this happens, it causes black or dark brown pigment gallstones.

Overly concentrated gallbladder

For the gallbladder to function, and function properly, it needs to constantly empty its bile. Failure to make this happen, there won’t space in the organ to receive more bile. This also means the bile concentration will be too much and overflowing to cause formation of stones.

Incorrect emptying of the gallbladder

There are times when our gallbladder does not empty out completely or as regularly as it should. As this happens, it also a cause for too much concentration of the bile and these bile begin to form stones.


Risk Factors and Why

Like we briefly mentioned from the beginning, not everybody is equally susceptible to gallstones. There are certain factors that makes one person more susceptible than another. These factors include:

  • Diet

  • Age

  • Gender (more in women than men)

  • Body

  • Composition and

  • Genetics

Also, gallstones are most commonly noticed in:

  • Women that are 40 years of age and over

  • Obese or Overweight men and women (especially fats concentrated at the waistline)

  • People that lose weight too quickly or overstress their body in order to lose weight

  • Women that are pregnant

  • People suffering from diabetes

  • People who live sedentary lives


Brief Overview on the Bladder and How It Works

The gallbladder is that small sac-like organ below the liver, located at the upper the right side of the abdomen – the liver's underside. It’s a storage pouch for a green-yellow liquid known as bile to aid in proper digestion. When this bile is unable to function, the result is a gallstone. The size of this organ defers amongst individuals. This organ is what stores the bile and releases via the bile duct to the small intestine when needed for digestion of substances – usually fatty substances.

The gallbladder expands every time it is accumulated by the bile and this is usually when the person has not eaten for quite a long time – maybe because they are sick, due to severe dieting or fasting. So basically, the gallbladder is like the backup system that aids in digestion.


Gallstones Complications

Gallstones complication include:

Bladder Inflammation: When gallstones get settled in the neck of the gallbladder, the result is an inflammation of the gallbladder, otherwise known as cholecystitis. This usually causes severe fever and pain.

Blockage of the common bile duct: Gallstones are known to block the tubes otherwise known as ducts through which the bile flows from the gallbladder to the small intestine. The result of this a the bile duct infection and Jaundice and bile

Blockage of the pancreatic duct: The pancreatic duct refers to a tube that runs to the bile duct from the pancreas. Contained in them is what is known as pancreatic juices, flowing through the pancreatic duct to aid in digestion. When there’s blockage in this pancreatic duct the result is an inflammation known as pancreatitis; and usually associated with severe abdominal pain.

Gallbladder cancer: The cancer of the gallstones is most likely for people with a history of gallstones. However, it is a very rare situation, as compared to other forms of cancer.


Natural Treatments for Gallstones

Most of the times when you are diagnosed with gallstones, the recommended treatment is usually a surgery. However, despite the effectiveness of surgery in treating the disorder in gallbladder, it also comes with certain side or after effects. It was observed that about 50% of people that went through gallstones surgery, had side effects such as diarrhea, minute pains in the abdomen and excessive gassing. This is a result of losing the gallbladder. However, there are various other natural remedies on how to get rid of gallstones.


Apple Cider Vinegar and Apple Juice

You probably have heard the popular saying that just one apple every day can go a long way in keeping the doctor away. This is not just a popular but truthful saying; and with reasons. An apple is one fruit that carries a lot of health benefits. These benefits make it possible, when consumed in juice form, to dissolve gallstones.

One of the first things it does is to relief you of the pain caused by the gallstones. This is made possible primarily by the malic acid and vinegar the apple contains. While the malic acid functions in softening the gallstones, the vinegar ensures that the liver is suspended from producing more cholesterols responsible for the formation of the gallstones. Therefore, this fruit does not just dissolve these stones; it also prevent its reoccurrence and gradually gets rid of the pain experienced as a result of the flare ups.


Pear Juice

One fruit that takes on a shape similar to that of a gallbladder. It's so enthralling to see that the gallbladder can be cleaned using a fruit that takes on its shape. According to the American Medical Association (AMA), over 70 percent cases of gallstones formation are as a result of hardened cholesterol. The pear is known to contain pectin, which is believed to aid in the flushing out of cholesterol by binding themselves with the stones.

Studies have it that pectin is not responsible in any way for preventing the formation of gallstones, buy instead only dissolves the gallstones. One of the effective ways of taking this fruit is in its juice form.


Beetroot, Carrot and Cucumber Juice

One juice that has over the years proven to be very a effective natural remedy for gallstones is the blend of beetroot, carrot and cucumber (in no particular order). These different fruits provide benefits that when combined, produce an amazing effect on the gallbladder. The beets are for cleaning and strengthening the gallbladder. Its cleansing action is also experienced in the blood and colon. On the other hand, the cucumber's high content of water makes it a perfect detoxifying agent on the liver and gallbladder as well. Also the carrot juice detoxifies the gallbladder and liver; plus it comes with vitamin C and a host of other important nutrient for healthy life.


Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a Mediterranean herb. As a detoxifying agent, this makes it a perfect remedy for getting rid of gallstones. This herb functions in shrinking of gallstones and eliminating the painful experience on the liver. A perfect way of taking this herb is adding its leaves to your regular diet. Also, the thistle can be made into tea and consumed. It can also be transformed into a powdered form and sprinkled on salads, burgers, veggies and so on. Which ever works best for you – go for it. Note that it will require a constant and committed intake in order to see the expected results.



Dandelion is also a herb that helps in supporting the liver, thereby aiding the gallbladder in performing its functions. The leaves of the dandelion help in the excretion of bile; this excretion process also involves efficient detoxification and metabolism of fat. This remedy is also perfect for a sluggish gallbladder, as it helps to stimulate its function. With all of these, you will agree that it surely makes sense to recommend this remedy for gallstones treatment.

You don’t have to take these leaves alone, you can take them in the form of tea or mix them up with your salad and other veggies. However, always make they are steamed.



One substance that has proven to have helped the body a lot in its digestive process is peppermint oil. This substance functions in stimulating bile flow, together with other types of digestive juices. The peppermint contains a natural substance known as terpene, for dissolving gallstones. A perfect way of taking this tea is also in the form of tea – peppermint tea. This tea will go a long in helping to relief you of the acute pains associated with the gallstone condition and spasm relaxation of spasm. Also, an alternative could be Taking them in capsule forms, that goes down beyond the stomach to release the oil in it to the intestines.


Lemon Juice

One of the functions of the lemon juice is in controlling the production of cholesterol in the liver. This it does with the help of the vinegar it contains. So whenever you feel like taking in juice, the best choice to make will be of the lemon family. This should be taken as regularly as possible. They will gradually put to the production of cholesterol in your liver. You can add it up with a glass of water (a half cut lemon to one glass) and consume between two to three times daily. Alternatively, it can be prepared in juice form to help dissolve the gallstones.



Psyllium is known to be a diet high in fiber and as such can be very useful in the treatment of gallbladder stones. The psyllium predominantly contains soluble fiber and they function by binding to the cholesterol and thus helping to prevent the formation of gallstones. An indirect way it acts on gallstones is in preventing constipation, and constipation in itself leads to gallstones.


Final Verdict

According to studies, one in every 10 people have in one time or the other experienced gallstones. Sometimes, you could be affected by this condition and not be aware until it grows; at other times, it gets complicated and begin to cause discomforts that results to very painful sensations. Such cases will require a committed attention in order get rid of them. Bottom line is, whenever you’re faced with symptoms that point to the presence of gallstones, it is advisable that your doctor be immediately consulted. He or she will be in the best position to advise best on how to get rid of gallstones.

Remember, as a precaution that a way of preventing gallstones is in paying attention to your diet and consumption of ingredients that helps in the dissolution of this stones.