How to Get Rid of Back Fat Fast (Without Weight Loss Pills or Lipo)

How to Get Rid of Back Fat Fast (Without Weight Loss Pills or Lipo)

How to get rid of back fat is gradually becoming a cause for concern. You will agree with that one of the dreadest areas to entertain fat is the back. The nature of the skin on the back is slightly different from the rest of the body. It is quite thicker and fat deposits are more fibrous; this is why it proves to be more difficult to treat. Usually this fat appears like a bulge or roll just above the hips and/or where your back is lined by your sports bra, and therefore leads to folds on the back.

Having this awkward bulge can be very frustrating. It also goes a long way in affecting an individual's confidence. This is especially true for women; but is equally frustrating for men too. However, this unsightly bulge is a common occurrence for adults, whether they are slim or toned.


A Closer Look at the Back

The back is an important part of the body, as it house a large part of the core muscles in the body. The back is one part of the body usually neglected and forgotten, because we hardly get to see it, even with the use of a mirror. Interestingly, the back and its muscles play a large role in everything we do. These muscles go a long way in supporting your abdominals, which in turn aid in a lot of things you do – like sitting, walking, exercising and other related activities.

When the strength of this area is compromised by fat, the implication is that a lot of the body functions will be deterred. These are all well founded on research. So you see, back fat isn’t just unsightly, but detrimental to the health of the body.


Causes of Back Fat

Like any other fat, the common causes of back fat include poor eating or dietary habits, overweight and lack of adequate exercise. Also, the muscles are one muscles that are worked far less compared to other muscles on the body. The obvious reason is because they are located at the back. So as these muscles go unused, they lose strength or atrophy, and as a result encourages a loss of definition and tone.

Other specific causes can include genetics, medical conditions, and/or wrong medications. Another very important cause of back fat is the influence of certain hormones (thyroxin and insulin). Hormones play a large role in the distribution of fat and any deficiency in them could result in an improper distribution. For example, when the thyroxin hormone is inadequate, it causes a bulge flab in the back.


Back Fat Remedy

Getting rid of back fat is very much possible, however, it begins with a commitment; plus enduring and consistent strategies. These strategies however will revolve around dietary plans and exercises.

back workouts for women


Exercises and How to Lose Back Fat

One of the primary ways on how to lose back fat is engaging in exercises. Talking about exercises: this does not necessarily mean that you must only engage in exercises that concentrate specifically on the back. It is also important that while the exercise impart on the back, they should also impart on the entire body. They can still be focused in such a way that the impact is concentrated on this area. Below are some of the exercises:


1. Pull-Ups

Pulls up primarily focuses on the biceps and back muscles; they sculpt and tone these muscles. There are two different forms of pull ups that you can do. The most preferred is the normal pull up which involves your palms faced out and gripping a bar. The other is the chin-up that involves your hands facing you. While the chin up focuses n the biceps, the normal pull ups work on both your back and biceps. Personally, I think pull ups are one of the best exercises in any routine.

How to do: With your hands faced away, get hold of a bar and all the way down. Your grip should be slightly wider than the shoulder width. Gradually pull yourself up until your chin gets above the bar. Just when your chin gets above the bar, hold up yourself for a few seconds at the point. Afterwards slower yourself down and up again – over and over. In all of these, ensure to concentrate on isolating your biceps and back.


2. Push-Ups

Push ups are primarily focused on the chest, but is also effective on the back. A push-up, otherwise known as a press up is a common calisthenics workout to exercise the triceps, anterior deltoids and pectoral muscles. The result of all of these is a stronger core. As this happens, any form of fat found in such region is burned off.

How to do: To get started, assume a position where you're face-down. With your legs kept together, your weight should be focused on your chest. Your hands should be positioned down on the floor with your elbows point facing your toes. Your toes should be curled upwards, with its ball making contact with the ground. Now raise yourself up the ground with your hands and toes supporting your weight. Ensure that from your head to your leg is in a straight line and your abdominals/hips are not sagged. When its gets to where you no longer can raise up, you can now gradually come down. Repeat this sets over and over as your strength can carry.


3. Rowing Machine

While the rowing machine is primarily focused on strengthening the lower body like the legs, it also does a lot to upper body. In reality, the journey begins with your legs, and thereafter engaging your core and back muscles and so on. The rowing machine is one equipped menu that has become popular for targeting on the leg muscles – with the back included. In my personal opinion, I would say it falls under one of the best exercises for back fat. With a rowing machine, you can never get it wrong.

How to do: Getting started with workout begins with setting up. This involves adjusting the foot strap. Make sure that the strap goes across your foot's ball. For you to take the required full strokes, your feet must not be placed too high. Your leg position is very important for proper and efficient strokes. Check the damper setting and ensure entry of the right amount of air into the flywheel for effective rowing. After setup is completed, take some time to warm up the body as you prepare for the exercise proper. Gradually begin to take some strokes. Now you're ready to begin rowing.


4. Dumbbell Row

This is another effective exercise for back fat. This is a weight training workout that is aimed at working on the core and a number of back muscles. So the form you take for this exercise will determine what muscles are worked on.

How to do: With one of your knees kept on the table or bench and some weight (3 to 5 pounds) handled by your hand, bend slightly forward. Ensure that your back is flat and the arm is pulled back. While at it, there should be a contraction of your upper back. Also, your elbow should be beside your body as you move. Do this for about 12 times in a set and then switch between arms.


5. Upper Body Cycle

This cycle basically works on the back and triceps. It is an effective way to fight back fat. With just as little as 5 minutes on this workout, it goes a long way on how to get rid of back fat. They are designed to strengthen and condition the upper body, like the back. Although they are not as popular as elliptical or treadmills, but they are a great back fat exercises. You can be sure of an even better results if you’re to do it backwards too.

How to do: To get started, you should sit or stand on the machine (which ever suits you most). Do the adjusting to the machine point where your shoulders and handles are at the same levels. After positioning yourself, you want to grip the pedals and handles using your arms. There you go!


Back Fat and Your Diet

No fat loss routine is complete without due attention given to the quality of diet. No matter where the fat is located, eating a balanced diet plays a great role in successfully getting rid of it. Just because you’re involved in exercises, as listed above does not mean that you should go ahead eating whatever you want. A junk-filled diet is surely going to play against whatever efforts you may have already made. There are a variety of foods that encourage burning of fat; plus there are nutrients that you should ensure to consume on a daily basis.

When your diet is poor or unbalanced, you can be sure to fail in any fat loss goals. It is important to control your carbohydrate intake too. One essential nutrients that should be included in your diet is protein. Another food you want to consider is fruits and vegetables, as they are low in calorie. All of these are to help in boosting your optimal health and give to a fat free back.


Intermittent Fasting for a FTA Free Back

A very popular remedy for fat loss, especially among fitness enthusiast is intermittent fasting. This is a very effective strategy when it comes to losing any form of weight and doing so permanently. However, one thing to note here is that when adjusting your fasting protocol, ensure that you pay attention to what suits your individual body parameters. Also, have in mind, that how effective this method or strategy will be depends on other factors like exercise and physical activities and lifestyle as mention above.

However, you must know that the effects and result of intermittent fasting are not limited to just fat loss. It promotes gain of lean muscle mass and other general body health. Intermittent fasting entails abstaining from food and/or for a specified period of time – usually between 7 hours to 3 days. It can done daily or weekly depending on how long you can handle. During this period of fast, you are not expected to consume any form of food.

However, you can be allowed to take in drinks free from calorie like water, no-sugar tea, or coffee. It is important that you drink a lot of water during your fast. Don’t do more than your body can handle at the moment. It is expected that you start slow and gradually step up the pace and commitment. For instance, you can start from as small as 10 hours of fasting, within 1 or 2 weeks. Gradually increase this period over time for more effectiveness.


Impart of Sleep Schedule and Stress

Your sleeping habits and moments of stress go a long way to influence on the success of your weight loss goals. When you skimp on sleep, it usually results in release of certain hormones ( like leptin) in adequate amounts. When this happens, your brains interpret it to mean that there is a shortage in food and as such causes an increase in your appetite. As your appetite rises, you are likely to overindulge in foods and this may lead to an unsightly bulge around areas like the back.

As for stress, every time you fail to manage it and keep it under control, your body’s ability to burn calories is reduced. Also, stress causes a tendency to slide back to unhealthy habits that do not encourage fat loss.


Bottom Line

The reality is that how to get rid of back fat can be seemingly difficult, but it can still be achieved. With a combination of the right back fat exercises and a healthy eating habit. Do not expect the rolls to disappear overnight. It might take some time; and this may vary according to the individual. All you need is the will and commitment to go through the routine. Do not hesitate to see a professional if you think you need to.


  • Those are pretty good advices. I personally can’t do pull ups ( yet ) however, I’m really determinate to lose my back fat! My PT always says that the exercises without machines are better. I work with my weight and get better and faster results. Of course that a proper diet helps a lot. The trick is to drink a lot of water, have a good night of sleep and have lots of patience.

  • This article helps a lot those who can’t get rid of back fat and after trying everything still can’t understand why. The truth is that this is a slow process but quitting won’t speed it up. I can speak for myself, when I was younger I always tried to follow diets and lots of workouts on the gym but I always quitted because I didn’t see any results. About a year ago, I put in my head that I wanted to change, I didn’t want to look in the mirror and see that reflection anymore. It requires a lot of patience and determination.

  • Yeah, I agree. Getting that perfect looking back is possible and achievable. If I can do it, I believe everyone else can. I’m very lazy with exercising and eat everything that comes my way. But I made up my mind to focus on weightloss. Especially the back fat. I did it and now I have a better looking back and less weight to worry about.

  • There, you just said it. One really needs dedication and hard work to perform these exercises to get the positive results. I’ve been doing these for a month now and I must say that the results are marvelous.
    Keep it up here!

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