Get in Shape for Women: A Shape-Up Guide for Beginners

get in shape for women


Food is fuel. You must never starve yourself, just to lose weight or to burn your extra body fats. The best approach towards getting your body in shape is to adopt habits that are healthy for you and helps you get in shape.

It is an established truth that working women do not find time for themselves. They are so much occupied with their daily work that they cannot even think about maintaining themselves. However, they are for sure concerned about their health and fitness. To tone up their bodies, there are several exercises that women can do without going to training studios that can help them in the development of muscles, endurance, and strength in their bodies.


How Can A Woman Get Perfect Body Shape?

To get your desired shape, you do not have to cut any ingredients from your diet, as every item has its place in keeping you healthy. However, the thing to be worried about is that you take the required food at the right time and in the right amount. You have to take the calculated amount of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and essential fats in your daily diet.

Along with this, exercise matters a lot. If you do your exercise regularly, then you are possibly the fittest and healthiest person, both bodily and mentally. Now, if you have just started your journey of getting fit, and you do not know where to go, then there are some guiding rules or tips that you can follow.


Tacking your Progress

You need to be familiar with the current status of your physique. You can go to a gym and pay a trainer and ask them to tell you about your current physique. Also, you can purchase the body analyzer scale to do it from the convenience of your own home. As you learn completely about your physique, you can customize the body analyzer specifically for yourself.

First of all, provide the scale with your age, height, gender, and level of activity. The scale in return will give you your weight, your muscle mass percentage, body fat percentage, bone density and body water weight percentage.

The body analyzers come with the instruction manual. It has the graphs and the charts that will correctly tell you the correct area that you should be in for your age. You must get on the scale once a month.

It is also important to take progress photos from the front, back and sides. You can check it after every four weeks and compare how much the progress has been made. It is important to track your progress to keep your motivation level high.


1.   Set a Goal

It's very important to set a goal if you want your body to be in the shape you want. If you have a goal, you will work for it. Otherwise, you will get lazy. Those plans that are made for long-term are boring, and it is possible that you will lose your motivation for them in the middle. Therefore, make realistic small or medium goals that you can achieve.

Some people might want to burn body fat and increase the muscle strength, and someone might want just to lose the weight. In any of these cases, set a goal, write it down and start working towards it.


2.   Planning Ahead

If you are a working woman and you do not find time to cook, you can go to the cupboard and have a nice cup of cereals. But, the best option is that you can plan the day or week for meal preparation. You can prepare some food on Sunday night so that you have food for the next whole, week to avoid starving or eating junk food in some restaurant. You can save money and can eat healthy and clean.

If you plan things properly, you would never need a coach or trainer to guide you in maintaining your body shape and weight.


3.   Create a Workout Plan

There are so many resources on the internet with free workouts and free personal trainers. Sit down and make a workout plan. Dedicate each day for each body part. So, create a plan and stick to it. You can also join some training studio.

You are on your way to achieving your goal of getting your body in shape. If you are not able to go to a gym for your work out, you can even do it satisfactorily at home also. Some very exceptional exercises do not require any equipment, except a yoga matt and yourself.

Given below are the four examples of exercises that people do in training studios, but you can do at your home with convenience. Also, they are very effective, so you must try them.


Workout at Home with No Equipment

You can even work out at home with no equipment, without going to training studios and then just depend on the time you have. There are four exercises that you can do in four rounds. But, depending on your fitness level, you can increase or decrease your rounds of exercise, and you can also adjust it to do whenever you want.

Certain points that you must keep in mind before starting the exercise is that take a water bottle with you and the yoga matt. You cannot take a break between the exercises. If you want, then 30 to 120 seconds rest between each exercise is more than enough.

To pump your muscle and improve your mental health, you can do the following exercises at home without the use of any equipment or joining a training institute. All you need is yourself and some motivation.


1.   Single Leg Glute Bridge

Lay down on the yoga matt and make sure that you lift your toes up so that you are pushing through your heals. Set up your one leg out straight. You are laying back with your face up and try to engage with the core so that your belly button goes down towards the floor and also lifting through your pelvic flow.

After this, you have a full extension through your body line, and you go up. In this way, you are working on your glute and driving through heels. There are total 20 repetitions, up and down. You can do ten slowly and ten fastly. This is tough but make sure your body is nicely leveled, and you get great results from this. Females can do this exercise at home, easily without joining any training.


2.   Square Plank

Square plank is a very effective exercise to get your body in shape at home without rushing type of training studios. All you need for this exercise is the yoga matt and yourself.

In square plank exercise, the form is very important, especially the correct placement of your forearms. Your shoulder is directly on your elbows and hands are in a nice extension. You are in a perfect position right from the toes to the crown of your head. This exercise fires up the cores that include your abdominal, back, thighs and your shoulders.

You have to get on to your toes and lift the knees simply. Once you can do for about a minute, you are done. But, the benefit would only be in the case when you are in the right position. Only then you will get your body into the right form. All you need for this exercise is the yoga matt and yourself. There is no need to do the formalities of training centers.


3.   Dead Bug

You lay on your back and bring out your left arm. At the same time, your right leg is going upward and try to reach your toe with your left hand. After this, you extend them as low as you can without compromising anything going on in your back. You have to keep your back straight, nice and engaged on the ground.

You do ten reps on one died and ten on the other side. The most important thing here is that you are staying flat on the floor while engaging your core the entire time. Also, your berating should be synchronized with lifting.

After this, you can also raise your both arms and legs and extend the opposite arm and leg outward and again repeat the same as before. This exercise will help you get in to shape without any expensive equipment or joining any fitness center.


4.   Knee to Elbow

Knee and elbow exercise tone your muscle and make them nice and strong. Lay down on the yoga mat with your hands behind your head. Your knees must be bent and the lower back perfectly straight. Keep one elbow on the ground and lift the other.

Also, keep one leg in the same position as it is and lift the other to touch the lifted arm. You must exhale and inhale as your knee approach your arm. This exercise is very easy to do at home without the use of any equipment or training session, except the yoga matt. This is one of the best exercises that can help women get the desired physique.


What More You Can Do For Your Body Fitness?

You can make a lifestyle modification by working on six tips. They work very well for almost everyone. Doing workout does not bring results quickly, but if you adopt certain habits, you can smartly achieve your target of getting fit and ideal body composition very easily. If you adopt these habits, all you need is a simple daily exercise.


Eat a Big Breakfast

First, eating a big breakfast is very important. It is important because you sleep, and you wake up. This means that you are going to eat after 7 to 8 hours of fasting. Having a proper breakfast will fill you with energy and helps you develop a focus to attempt the day ahead of you.


Take your Dinner Early

It is important to end your dinner at almost 7 0r 8 in the night. A lot of people take their dinner very late and sleep on a full stomach. This is probably the worst thing that you can do for your body.

As your body needs time to rest and stop the digestion process so that you can get into a deeper sleep. It is, therefore, important to take dinner at the right time so that it has enough time for digestion before you go to sleep.


Add Coconut Oil to Your Food

The third thing is to add coconut in your foods or even gargle with it in the morning. The reason why it is important in your diet is that it is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral. It kills all the bacteria in your mouth and stops them from entering your gut. It also strengthens your immune system; therefore, try it because it is also a great medium for cooking your food.


Pay Attention to Your Breathing

Another thing that you can start to do, especially if you are a mother and working outside the home, take at least three works out days. You can work out for almost an hour in these days. However, it is more important to put your attention on your breathing as well.

You must focus on your inhaling and exhaling. It aligns your mind, body, and soul because the fast pace life that our women are leading nowadays, it is very important for them. For this simple, you don’t need any pro trainer or fitness center to join.


Take Fizzy Drinks Out of Your Life Style

You must take fizzy drinks out of your lifestyle. Never introduce them in your house. A lot of people think that going on to diet soda is a better way to get a perfect body by losing weight, but it is again the worst thing that you can do tour body.

This is because it will replace your body calcium with the artificial sweeteners in it, such as aspartame. Therefore, never encourage the use of such drinks.


Chew Your Food Properly

Another thing that people lack and must adopt immediately is to chew the food.  You will see very few people chewing on their food. Saliva must mix with every bit of food that goes into your mouth.

People nowadays are suffering from many allergies and other disorders because their stomach is finding it difficult to break down their food. This is because there is not enough saliva in the food. You are given 32 teeth, so you must chew it at least 32 times.

These are some of the genuine health tips that you can adapt to further boost your body towards betterment without joining studios for training. In the whole article above, a complete guideline is given for the people who are not finding the correct path of starting their journey towards getting their bodies in shape. A complete guide for what you can do easily to achieve your goal of becoming completely fit and healthy. Follow these instructions, and you will achieve your goal very easily.