Female Muscle Growth – Muscular Women’s Workout Plan for Beginner

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Exercise can truly transform a person’s life. Along with exercise, diet also plays an important role for a person to get in shape. A person cannot make its way towards exercise while still on the bad diet, and even people who do not exercise at all can lose hundreds of pounds. This means that both diet and exercise go hand in hand if you want to lose weight, increase your muscle growth and development of strength in body.

So, it is important to keep in mind that you must keep a check on your diet before you start thinking about exercising.

An important concern related to women is that if exercise is as important for females as it is for males? The answer is, yes. Exercise is as important for females as it is for men. For losing back fats, face fats, the strength of bones and endurance, regular exercise and muscle growth in women, exercise is very important.


Why Is Exercise Important For Females?

Women should do exercise, not because they get thin by exercising, but because it can do so many things for them to tone up their bodies. It improves their energy level, develops a focus on them, they can sleep better, and even they can control their mood swings and eating habits.

The obvious medical benefits of exercise for women or females are that it lowers your body fats, build endurance, improved female muscle growth, etc.

The second most prominent benefit that a woman can reap from exercising is that it lowers the risk of connecting to diseases related to heart, diabetes, cancer, reverse aging, improve the immune system, etc. Women must develop strength in their bones to avoid the risks of diseases related to legs also because they are more common in women than in men.

Exercise, in short, is the best solution best for everything that goes wrong in your body in case you are poorly conditioned and not fit. Therefore, it is very important to lower your risks as much as you can, which is possible only through regular exercise.

Here in this article, we will discuss why exercise is important for females, how they can start their workout plan if they do not find a coach or trainer for themselves and the plan of exercise that they can easily follow to get their bodies in perfect shape.

A complete workout plan is to be made for burning off extra fats, development of strength, endurance and better muscles growth in women. Given below is the detailed program.


Legit Workout Plan for Females

workout plan for women

When it comes to making a workout program, you must make a legit plan that can help you achieve your target. The reason why coaches and trainers recommend it, is because it is very important and there is a complete science behind it.

You must ask yourself a bunch of questions before start making the program, such as, how much you weigh, how much taller you are, etc. The current body situation at that time must be kept in mind and your past experiences, such as any injury you suffered from.

The training programs for females to grow muscles, development of endurance and strength are different from males. The type of exercises both do is not the same. Therefore, it is important that you decide the workout or training activities depending on your gender.

This article is very general and specially designed for the beginner progressive and modern women who cannot afford a coach or a trainer. Therefore, if you want to get general guidance on how to put together your workout plan and to get familiar with some of the beneficial exercises, make sure you do additional research as well.

Below in this article, I will tell you all about how to start your plan to reach your ultimate goal of fitness.


What Is Your Goal?

The first thing in your training program is to determine what your goal is. You must be clear about your goals.

If the goal is to become stronger, there are separate training techniques for that than the techniques you would use if you want to grow muscles. Maybe you want to work on your endurance and to start cutting your weight. You may also want to shred the mass of your body to uncover the muscles.

Therefore, whatever you want to do, figuring it out is the first step towards your workout program and exercise planning.

The best program includes all the three main sides, that are, the proper muscle growth, endurance, and strength. Keeping in mind these three points, you can come up with a good exercise plan because they cover everything that is essential to get a women body in shape.


How Often To Work Out?

For beginners, it is important to workout at least five days a week. For 3 days concentrate on lifting and 2 days of cardio. This is more than enough to get started. However, some beginners say that they work out for 7 days a week. But, it does not work well for them ultimately.

This happens because if you go from one extreme to another extreme that is from no exercise or workout at all to 7 days a week, you will simply burn out.

When you suddenly go from no exercise to rigorous training and development of strength, your body will be unable to handle the sudden pressure.

You must start it slowly to adapt to rigorous exercise to burn enough calories otherwise your body will rather burn fewer calories than it should be.


Main Training Days

When it comes to lifting weights for improvement in muscle growth, you have 6 different muscle groups, which are, legs and shoulders, back and biceps, chest and triceps. They are paired up into three training days. For instance, you can do weight lifting for your legs and shoulders on Monday, for back and biceps on Wednesday and Friday, for chest and triceps.


How Many Exercises To Do?

The number of exercises you must do depends on the person and the workout program. But, in general, 3 exercises per muscle group are considered to be more than enough for strength.

There are so many other things that you can do, but again as a beginner, you must not overburden yourself.


How Many Sets or Reps to Do?

This also can be very general and simplified. When you are trying to strengthen your body, then 1 to 5 reps are enough. In case you are trying to build muscles, then in general, 6 to 12 reps are recommended by experts.

Also, when you are trying to uncover the muscles and try to get some endurance, then usually 15 plus reps are to be done to get the desired results and development of your muscles.

Experts say that these are the three different ways of training your body and improving muscle growth. You can use any set of all these three training styles.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can do any sets that suit you, you are not required to stick to the ones mentioned above because there is not one right way to training. One single workout program does not work for every woman and development of endurance.

You can change it and use a different one.

You can start with higher reps and work down to the lower number of reps. After this; you can ascend and increase the number of reps.

There would be fewer chances of injury of you practicing this way. Instead of jumping into the gym, you must start with warming up your body properly.

As a beginner, the number of sets and reps mentioned above would be perfect for almost every woman. But, never think that this is the only thing that you have to do. Figure out what works best for you.


Workout Plan for Beginner

First of all, do proper warm up before starting your actual workout because proper warm-ups are extremely important to get the target of development of muscles and strength that you want. If warm-up is done in the right way, exercise is not going to give you the desired results. So, it is very important to pay attention to warm-up exercise also.


Things to Keep In Mind before Starting Actual Exercise

Stretching and warming up before exercise makes you less prone to injury. It helps the blood and oxygen to rush to the muscles you are stretching. If you come to the gym and start with a warm up session instead of doing intense exercise, then a hormone releases in your body that helps in keeping you awake and active. You also have to take care of another thing, that is, water. Keeping your body hydrated during exercise is also very important.


Warm-Up Exercises

Start by circulating your arms; this will help in mobilizing your muscles of the shoulder. Repeat this practice for almost 5 to 6 times in each direction. It relaxes your tendons and makes your muscles active. It further helps in exercise for proper muscle growth and strengthening of bones.

After this, start swinging your arms after rotation is done. Swinging back and forth can help in stretching your shoulder muscles in a direction different from the rotation. You must inhale through the nose and exhale from the mouth while doing this.


1.   Legs and Shoulders



Let’s say on Monday; you have the plan to do your legs and muscle exercise. You can start by doing squats or deadlifts with 12-15 reps in 3 sets. After this, switch to the leg extension and leg curls exercise. These two exercises will be done with the similar number of reps and sets as for squats or deadlifts.

Dumbbell lunges are done in 2 sets with 20 reps in total. Calf raise, dumbbell front raise, and seated dumbbell press follow the same number of reps of 20 with 2 sets.

The next day, you can do a little bit of exercise, maybe Cardio or Abs. 2 to 4 exercises on it would be more than enough for you as a beginner. You can also simply go for running, swimming, go for cycling, jump on the treadmill, etc. Do what you enjoy and have fun with this one-day break.


2.   Back and Biceps



The next section of your body that you will focus on the next day is the back and the biceps. Start your exercise with a warm-up and then do seated cable rows in 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps. Lat pull-down is the next exercise that you can do for your back and biceps. The number of sets and reps are same as for seated cable rows.

Bent over Barbell or Dumbbell row with the same number of sets and rows, if you are strong enough. Hammer curls and alternating dumbbell curls are another good options that you can add at the end of your exercise session. This will help in the development of strength and endurance along with muscle growth.

Again, after one day of intensive exercise, you can take a break on next day and enjoy doing Cardio or Abs exercises.


3.   Chest and Triceps



A planned chest and triceps workout on the very next day is also very important. You can start off by doing pushups with 25 reps. You can even do more or less than the number of pushups mentioned here.

You can do dumbbell chest press and dumbbell flyes in 3 sets with 12 to 15 reps. Overhead triceps extension and bench dips make the last part of your day’s session.

This is a very general beginner workout plan that a beginner can do without a coach or a trainer because not everyone could afford a trainer or a coach. Using the above sketch, you might be able to sketch out your general plan for yourself. But still, it is something that can help you finish your journey of proper development of endurance and improvement of strength in your body.